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magic, magic trick, magician

Today’s prompt is “prestidigitation”. I  went straight to google to find it’s definition. Google defines prestidigitation as “magic tricks preformed for entertainment”. Well, I don’t know about you but, I don’t think I can even properly pronounce “prestidigitation” and I’m sure having a hard time keeping up with attempting to spell it correctly. So for today’s prompt, let just talk about Magic.


Ever since I was a child, magic appealed to me. I used to love magicians and illusionists.  I never had the capability to pull off any tricks. To be fair, I bought that beginners magician kit they used to sell in toy stores and that was extent of my training. I do love to see it though.

nature, mother nature, magic, magick, religion

As I grew older, Magic appealed to me in another form. Magick. Through Paganism and Wicca. While I was on my soul searching journey trying to figure out what it is I believe and what religion is me, I naturally landed on Wicca. I fell in love with the idea of rituals and the power of Magick. It’s not like the fairy-tales. It’s not like the magic in Harry Potter. No, it’s more your innate power and belief and spiritual connection with your soul and mother earth.

magic, magick , witch, religion, nature

I never stuck with that path. I ventured off to other avenues. But, it’s always been my fondest stepping stone on my spiritual journey. My journey is still ongoing. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll end up back in the wonderful circles of Wicca and Magick.

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