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Today is a big blogging day! It’s my Blog Anniversary. 6 years, wow. I have to admit though i take 3-6 months off from blogging at a time so it’s not a consistent 6 year run. Plus, for almost a year I had a separate diet blog.  But, regardless , I always find my way back to my blog. I feel like my blog is a diary that always faithfully awaits for me to touch it’s pages.

I sure have met some great people via blogging and got a brief experience of your lives and cultures and that alone is amazing and I’m forever grateful for.

Today is also the final day for Just Jot It Jan. This has been the first time in a long while, maybe years, where I have blog and posted consecutively. I usually tend to be more of a reader and commentator than a poster but this challenge had me doing both every single day. It was a great challenge with a great community that I will miss. I missed only two prompts , the two Saturdays because that’s my sleep in day and catch up on quality time with the hubby day. Otherwise, i completed each and every prompt and it’s feels good to have finished the challenge and not given up mid way which i usually do during challenges.

Overall, I have big plans for my blog and I hope this year to see it through.

So thank you wordpress, for being my faithful diary through and through.

Just Jot It January

Well the day is finally upon us. Today is the last day for Just Jot It January.  Our final prompt is “clumsy”. It’s a little late to join in but feel free to visit Linda’s blog and browse through past posts and all the participants .
Just Jot It January 31st – Clumsy

clumsy, fell, fall, accident prone , joke, meme

For those that don’t know me in real life, I’m clumsy. Which is why i hate ice. When i see a patch of ice i immediately see instant death.

During my going out clubbing and bars phase, i struggled because I was clumsy. I always had a high tolerance for drinking . It would take a few drinks for me to get tipsy. But, what’s the tell tale sign one is getting drunk? Falling, stumbling  general loss of standing upright. Well, I have that challenge sober. But, it’s a hard thing to sell when drinks are involved.  I couldn’t even defend myself because the first thing a drunk person says when accused of being drunk…”I’m not drunk!”
clumsy, accident prone, fell, fall, trip

So, there I was just a clumsy person always accused of being drunk and had enough meanwhile I could drink everyone under the table.

I have to admit, with age I tend to be less clumsy. I wouldn’t say I’m cured. Every morning i trip over something , the hubby’s shoes, or Bianca innocently sleeping on the floor. I call them death traps . I’m convinced the people I live with purposely and artfully leave stuff in such a precarious way with the sole purpose of trying to take me out.