Creatures Of The Night

Posted: May 12, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I’ve been having a sleeping problem.

Also, I’ve been on and off sick since the start of “spring”. I had the flu for almost a month.

I overcame the flu and had maybe two weeks of being okay.

Then I caught a “cold”. That’s what the doctor called it. But, I never had a cold for three weeks with snot leaking out my eye socket…

Untop of being sick, I was super stressed. Stressed with work. Stressed with home life. Stressed with the hubby and his health. I was overwhelmed.

While being sick, I  did take a lot of NyQuil also.  So I suspected my sleeping troubles had a lot to do with being sick and nyquil and stress and all of it rolled into one.

My system is just all out of whack.

On this particular night, I was checking out. My head hit the pillow and I was welcoming the darkness of sweet slumber.

I sleep laying on my stomach,  my cheek on a pillow and  hugging another pillow.

I was in that deep sleep and could almost feel the drool dropping onto my pillow.

Something, I don’t know what, told me to wake up.

Out of instinct, I opened my eyes.

Upon opening my eyes I was staring directly to my left, eye level with the hubby pillows.  I was greeted with eyes of a creature of the night staring back out me.
It appeared to look like this:


Ok , I over dramatized.

It was an ant.

But, it was an ant on the hubby’s pillow.. .an ant in the middle of the night!

And still,  my stance on bugs is burn them all with a flame thrower.

I hate them.

I never kill them. I run screaming for help.

But this was the hubby’s pillow.

I jot up.  Got a napkin from my night stand on the right of me and scoped up the ant.

Let me say that again.

I scooped up a bug with a napkin…

A fucking bug was in the folds of a napkin in my hand!

In. My. Hand.!!!

So then…

I started cussing at the hubby!

Still holding the napkin cause I was scared to let go and unleash the creature.  I was whisper screaming “It’s a  fucking bug!!! Take this fucking creature!”

He grabbed the napkin and disposed of it.

When my heart beat slowed down several seconds later, I proclaimed I saved his life….

and promptly went back to sleep.

*images found on Google when searching monster tags.


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