3f72ebe09aca0347da4d48bd2a6a6167Day Three: Top five pet peeves



I’m a pretty patient person. It takes a lot to ruffle my feathers. I worked retail, direct customer service sales,  for three years and I survived due to high tolerance for stupidity.  But here are a few things that i go from zero to sixty in 2.4 seconds.

One thing that absolutely makes me see red is oblivious inconsiderate people. I live in NY and take public transportation. There is an unwritten law that you move the fuck out of the way to let people off the train first. Then you board the train. Similarly, the flow of foot traffic on the platform and corridors of the train station, one direction/side for going and the other side/direction for incoming. It’s not rocket science. The train station stop I use every morning to get to work is awful at this. This concept of direction completely eludes every single person. This train station, let me explain in percent. The total corridor is 100% of available space. 20% to the left is the designated path to the escalators that are leading out to the street, the only exit. The other 80% is staircases leading down from the street. Which cannot be used to walk up because there is constant foot traffic flowing down the steps and no one is conscious to leave space to walk up (plus that’s three stair cases, who’s really walking up three flight of stairs 8 in the morning). So the only exit up to the street is only 20% of the area. Why in the bloody hell will you (crowds not just single people)  descend the stairs and decide that the 80% walking area is not enough space and cut directly in front of the 20% space causing all types of traffic and congestion. I see red every freaking morning cause of this. Now we have to play a game of chicken as we are speed walking ( common NY speed ) at each other and see who is going to move the fuck out of the way first and usually end up playing bumper cars. I seriously think about flat out running while throwing elbows or extending my arms, elbows locked , close lining people. Every, Single. Morning.


For the love of God do not abruptly stop walking. Cell phones have taken over. As soon as we hit stairs ascending to the street from the train station, foot traffic drops to a snail pace because everyone pulls out their phone and starts texting. Seriously you cant wait 20 more seconds and then move the hell out of the way? I cant tell you how many times on the street and I’m walking and someone stops on crowded sidewalks out of the blue to study their phone. It can not be that serious that you cannot take the whole three seconds to step aside and stop to check your phone. And you know what…why do u have to constantly check your phone in the first place?! Can’t it wait until you’ve reached your destination? Next time I see a person crossing the street and texting, I’m not saving your oblivious ass.

Pan handling. I don’t mind people that pick a spot, hold a sign, dance or sell things. We all have tough times and i don’t judge people that are down on their luck and trying to ask for money.   It’s the people that wait outside of the deli or fast food place that make me so mad.  Around my workplace they even enter the stores and ask you for money. They just watched you pay in cash and received change.  It’s uncomfortable all around. I don’t give out money. I seen too many scammer. I’ve witness panhandlers buy drugs, booze etc. I offer food or to buy food when I can afford it.  And i live in the area, i see you everyday. Don’t give me the sob story. “just got laid off, gotta feed my kid” Bitch, you haven’t worked in two years, you’ve been at the popeyes asking for money everyday. You’re kids who you buy booze for when its the beginning of the month are in their late 20’s . You walk around the area with them. Your grown. Your kids are grown. Don’t pull a sob story on me. People legitimately have those struggles.  There is a guy by the Dunkin Doughnuts by my job. He holds his cup. He opens the door when your going in. He opens the door when your leaving. He say good morning, have a nice day etc. Doesn’t bother or hound people. Just holds his cup. I respect that. He isn’t bothering anyone. He is making my morning nice and he is working, trying. Do what you gotta do bro. I support that. But, others would follow you while you order and ask for money while your paying and catch an attitude when you say no. Respect my space. And FYI don’t annoy people before they have gotten their morning coffee.

Couples , Don’t get me wrong. You’re happy and in love. Good for you. I’m not hating. However, can  you not co-exist? Do you need to walk taking up the whole sidewalk hand in hand and refuse to let go and share the side walk with everyone? Will your love for each other die for not holding on to each other for 3.5 seconds?  Seriously, this makes me so angry.  When i walk with the hubby, sure we hold hands. When we encounter  a smaller walking space we , like logical people, let go and walk in a line. We do not maintain a vice like grip and prevent people walking in the opposite direction from walking until we pass.  It makes no damn sense to me. Can you not function self sufficiently if you let go of your partners hand? I really don’t understand this.  Your happy and in love, cool. Just move the fuck out of the way.

Smoking. I’m a smoker.  For shame, yes i know.  However, it’s my habit and i try my best not to inflict it on the public ( except my bestie, it’s your job description to deal with it <3). I don’t walk and smoke. I don’t stand in lines and smoke ( ex. bus stop). I don’t stand by entrances. I try my best to find a nook against a building. I try to find the least offensive spot an I don’t smoke at corners , I always turn off the main street to around the corner.  I try. I understand it’s  my habit and people may have illness or breathing problems. I try to be conscious when people are walking by, wait until they pass to blow out smoke and try to blow in the opposite direction. I try. I really do. People however, can see me in whatever obscure nook I’m at minding my own business.  They see the cigarette. They see the smoke. They see me standing there from up the block. They have the whole sidewalk to walk. Yet still they stroll up inches away from me. Close enough that if i reach out i could touch them.  Fine, that’s your choice where you walk. But, then don’t get mad when you get  a face full of smoke. You clearly saw me and decide to keep your course.  I try my best to be aware and considerate of smoking spots. But, you have no reason to roll up mere inches away from me when the whole sidewalk is clear.  You don’t have the right to get mad and give me dirty looks.  And parents, watch your damn kids. I can’t tell you how many times children are running around me while I’m smoking because your not paying attention. I try my best to avoid children and be conscious of my hands and to move my hand out of the way from their height so they don’t get burned. But, you make me want to burn you when you are not minding your kids. Or worse, see me smoking and decide that’s a perfect good spot to stop walking, directly in front of me and then get made when you get a face of smoke. Pay attention. My fingers are inching to burn you with my cigarette.

  1. Terri says:

    Lol…your 5th pet peeve got me. I’m also guilty of walking and texting , I try and move to the side and txt so I’m not blocking anyone.

    Liked by 1 person

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