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Day Four: Discuss your views on religion

I was raised Roman Catholic. I was in Catholic school until high school. I think when your in this type of strict and religious environment you are denied the options of choice. You are not introduced to faith, you are being told what to believe, when to believe it and how to believe and depict faith. Then criticized if it’s not their definition of a right depiction.   Your homework assignment is to attend Sunday Mass and write about the sermon then be graded on it in class… grade your faith? That’s basically being conditioned to believe that if you don’t know all the patron saints or all the milestones of Jesus Christ it’s solely because you are lacking in faith and therefore disappointing your Lord and Savior and falling prey to a life of unholiness and sin. Who is anyone to determine your relationship and standing with God?

And holy hell, those nuns. One Sister held me back for detention for hours to repetitively write  o’s correctly in cursive.  You never catch me writing in script since elementary school.

The moment I entered high school I stopped attending church services.  Truth be told, I stopped believing in traditional religion in a church setting long before then.

For awhile, I’m going to guesstimate around 12 years old, i seriously believed in Wicca. There was something about the simplicity of spirituality and connecting to nature.  And a Goddess. I vividly remember one Saturday my family took a trip to the racetrack. I brought with me various books on Wicca and a notebook and i dutifully spent the day taking notes in my notebook.

I drifted from Wicca during high school.

And i was adrift for quite some time.

I studied various religions  like Buddhism and Islam.

Nothing seemed right. Nothing fit me 100%. Something always left  a nagging  feeling.
So you know what i did? I put aspects from every religion i know that connected with me and I stirred it up.

And that’s what I practice and believe in.

I believe there is a God. But i also believe there is many Gods and Goddesses. I believe in nature and there is spiritual connections to mother nature. I believe in Peace. I believe in the Three Folds Law, whatever energy you send out into the world is returned to you three times. I believe in Karma. I believe in heaven and hell but  i also believe in reincarnation. I do tie in beliefs to supernatural happenings,  I believe in angels and guardian angels and ghosts.

I believe all traditional religions are right and all are wrong at the same time.

I pray. I pray to my maker – you call it God or Goddess or any other name. I just identify with a higher entity and usually i call it a God. But, i do believe in a Goddess as well ( mother nature ).  When i pray I’m not reciting a memorized mantra. It’s like talking just like I am talking to you all here. I live my life with a moral code. I try to make better choices  and treat myself and others with compassion an respect.  I face life with understanding for others and consideration. I practice being open and honest.

I do no identify with organized traditional religions. I do believe we have choices and should not live our lives line for line according to a doctrine. Life has much fluidity. We have to be willing to be swept into the currents. I believe religions are like a dam preventing life from flowing. If the official labels are taking off and the wall is brought down then we can freely swift through the waves of life.




  1. lifewhy says:

    Why life exist? Why r we born when we have to die? Can there b more than one god?
    Can we decide ourself who is god and who is not god? Can a man b god? Can a stone b god?


    • I believe life exists because we are evolution, or intended to be at the very least. We are suppose to not only tend and care for ourselves, mankind but the world as a whole. We all have a purpose even if we never are consciously aware of it. I believe we are born even though we die because we have much value and input to inflict on the world. We leave a legacy and pass it own hopefully its a positive aspect of betterment. I don’t believe we, as humans, can difintinely define God or who is God but I believe we have a choice of how and who we define God to be. Personally I do believe in more than one God. I believe in the traditional God, the father almighty. I believe in a Goddess (mother nature). Believe in certain Greek mythology gods and goddess. I define God as an omnipotent other worldly and earthly being that in itself is not man/woman general human species. That is what I believe and others believe different. No one is right. No one is wrong. There will never be an answer unless God displays itself.


      • lifewhy says:

        Life exist coz of evolution..though i don’t believe this but what made life exist or what made this universe exist? Did it start itself?

        U say no one is right and no one is wrong…so what about thosd people who kills,robb,loot innocent? R they also right? For them the one who doesnot kills,robb and loot could be wrong.
        So if no one is right and no one iz wrong,can i slap any one on the street? Is there any point of judiciary? What is the meaning of justice then?


        • I believe a mixture of the big bang theory but I believe a higher consciousness ie God initiated it. So no the world did not start itself to my personal beliefs.

          I say no religion is rite or wrong because nothing is proven its all spectulation so we as mere mankind cannot say which religion is absolute truth without difiniative reason. I never said PEOPLE were never right or wrong.

          All our actions have an impact. Unfortunately people in this world choose negative and harmful and cruel choices and inflict harm. That’s a humankind choice. Not a religious. My belief religion is separate from our overall human existence. Sure, our religion is suppose to influence our actions but it isn’t predetermined to do so. We certainly can act, think, and feel without religious influence.

          To me judiciary is a humanitiarn concept, nothing to do with religion.


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