For The Safety Of The General Population

Posted: June 4, 2016 in 30 Day Blog Challenge
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Day Five: What are your favorite comfort foods and why?


Ice cream-  Oreo cookie and cream ice cream to be exact.  Forget the bowl just pass me a spoon. I actually have a little ritual. I usually get the Baskin Robbin prepackaged kind.  It’s always on sale two for 9.99. I wrap the carton in tissue so my hands don’t get cold burn. And I get under the blanket. I put on a chic flick or reality show. And spoon away. I know unhealthy but i usually eat half the carton like this.  I think it’s so soothing for me because it’s cold. It takes time. I spoon out the bigger cookie piece and place it on the lid. I save those for last. There is a process involved and it combines my favorite flavors of oreo and ice cream. It definitely fulls you up as well.  Its my go to comfort food.
cereal, comfort food

If for some ungodly reason the store is out of Oreo cookie and cream, my back up is plain vanilla but i add toppings. It’s a little weird but taste amazing. Fruity pebbles. This is definitely a bowl experience. I layer fruity pebble on the bottle of the bowl, layer of ice cream, layer of more fruity pebbles.  There is something about the construction of this that is calming. Then the mixed texture experience while eating and vegging out to TV.  Definitely,  a top comfort food.

choclate bar , comfort food,
A chocolate bar. I’m picky with chocolate. My favorite is cadbury’s milk chocolate. I freeze it first. Then break up the whole bar into squares and pick out an eating order with the squares.

cake, comfort food

Fluffy cakes. I’m not picky when it comes to cakes. I eat all flavors.  I do eat it a little ocd.  I usually eat half of a slice in the traditional way, fork at a time. Then i start dissecting the layers and separate the layers and eat one layer at a time.  I’m beginning to think it’s the ritual of eating that is more calming to me.  To have that down time watching tv and a task to fixate on and shut out the real world.

ice coffee, coffee, comfort food

Ice coffee ( hot coffee during winter).  I’m just not the same person when i don’t have coffee. Allow me my coffee time and i swear it’s the best comfort to me and honestly for the safety of the general population.


  • All images are from Google image searching topic words.
  1. ghostmmnc says:

    Great comfort foods! I really like the title of this, too! 🙂

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