Day 7: What were your favorite childhood toys?


  1. Polly Pocketpolly pocket , toys ,90's, childhoodI was obsessed with these. It’s basically a miniature doll house with miniature characters. They had a million and one different themes from castle to house to farm. It was all encased in the circular case and literally was to go size. Just snap it shut and be on your merry way. Funny thing  about these, I was a tad bit of a town boy. I did like doll’s and stuff it’s just growing up we were not allowed to open the dolls. They were decoration or collectibles. My mother would simply put it on shelves in the room my sister and I shared. Often times, I caught my sister opening the boxes ever so delicately wanting to play with the dolls. But this was in the 1990’s.  The dolls were awesomely super fixed with that indestructible zip tie like plastic.  So often Barbie was left in her tomb. I guess that conditioning rubbed off on me and when I was in possession of a doll I didn’t quite know what to do with it.
  2. Tamagotchi tamagotchi , 90's, 90's kid, 90's toys, toys, I loved these digital pets. For about two weeks.  It would wake up and beep at random times and your job was tend to its needs, feed it, put it to sleep. I raved about these when i first got one and it went everywhere with me. I proudly showed it off to anyone and everyone.I took so good care of it. Then the reality of it hit, that thing would die if you didn’t constantly please its relentless needs. I wasn’t ready for parenthood.  I was a pre-teen at best. It was too much pressure on my little life. I gave custody to my older sister. Sometimes i wonder how my digital pet would of fared, if i would of had what it took to be a good parent in the end.
  3. The creature from hell. toy, 90's toy's, creature from hell, possessed Furby. These god awful creatures from hell. Me, like so many other poor souls, fell in love with these furry critters. So called battery operated, it would wake up and like the digital pet i told you about earlier, this was similar. I believe when it wanted to go to sleep you had to pet it. To feed it you had to put your finger in its mouth. It made responses and such. It would wake up crying sometimes. In the middle of the night. For no fucking reason. I loved this thing for months on end. I took care of it and didn’t abandoned it like i did my digital pet. Until, this little fucker became creepy. I would often be woken up from my sleep because a sixth sense feeling would tell me too and find this thing on the shelf…staring at me. It would cry in the dead of the night. This is a true story, i got so fed up with this thing, i swore it was alive. I decided i was taking out the batteries just to be safe. I removed the batteries. Folks when i tell you this thing cried in the middle of the night I am not shitting you.  This demon possessed creature cried, without batteries, in the middle of the night. I flung that thing so hard across the room against the wall. Only problem that was my sisters side of the bed and it fell onto of her. I swear to you this thing was crying in that slow dying robot voice tamper off way.  In the morning i told my mother to throw it out. She said no, it’s a collectible. For years it was randomly downstairs in the dinning room on the computer desk. For years i would put an extra pep in  step when i happened to connect eyes with this thing. It wasn’t until maybe five or six year ago my mother finally threw this thing out.
  4. Mystery Stuff Animal. For the life of me i cannot remember the name of this stuffed animal. It was before Tickle Me Elmo. I can’t even tell  you WHAT animal it was. I just have vivid memory of my dad asking me what i wanted for Christmas. It was this toy.  I remember it was sold out at almost every toy store especially considering it was like two days before Christmas. It reminds me of the move Jingle All The Way.  I vividly remember my dad and I going on this wild hunt to try to find and purchase this toy. We ended up finding it at the last place we expected to find it, a local store. I remember opening it up on Christmas and it was by far my most treasured toy. I find it amazing, i cant even recall what it looked like. I remember loving this toy so much and loving even more the adventure and lengths my dad went to provide it for me. I’m just happy I remember the effort and adventure with my dad, that is far more valuable than anything. 516E9SGEH5L

  5. Growing up, i often played outside. I hung out with my older brother a lot. I was very much a Tom Boy. I rode bikes. I played basketball. I was always outside with my brother and his friends playing manhunt and getting scrapped knees and dirty. As i was growing up , i also was introduced to books. I loved to read. When i wasn’t playing outside I was reading books. Also, i grew up in a wrestling household. Watching wrestling was sacred in this house. I was a hardcore wrestling fan and often purchased their tshirts, costumes, belts and played fake wrestling with my brother and cousins. One time, my cousin, brother sister and I were practicing our wrestling moves in my sister’s and I room . I don’t remember what move it was, all i remember i went head first into the metal frame of the bed. About a two – three inch cut right in the middle of my forehead.  We were all scared we would get in trouble so threw a bandana on my head. All the adults were downstairs bbq-ing and when they called us for food they looked at me and my weird head gear funny but tossed it up to kids being kids. The next day when my mother saw the scab on my forever she asked what happened and we told her. She said obviously i was fine and didn’t need stitches and that was that. I still have a slight scar on my forehead from that.


  1. Oh wow, you brought back some memories for me with this one. I loved Polly Pockets as a child, I also had numerous Tamigotchis and a furby named Mi Mi haha


  2. Greta says:

    Way before reading your bio, just from this post I could say we were more or less same age: Polly Pocket! There must be one of those little thing still around at my parents` place!
    Nice memories back!
    Hope you have a great day,


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