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Day  8: Discuss a moment when you felt most satisfied with your life.


I’ll be honest with you, I’m struggling a bit over here. I’m not having a big grand AH HA! moment. The light bulb is flickering. But, it’s just not lighting up all the way. I’m not really defining ONE big grand spectacular moment.

For me, i tend to be a humble person. Sometimes, almost to a fault, i put more energy and effort into other people than myself. I’m most proud of my character and wearing my heart on my sleeve. I define myself as having a heart of gold and stating this isn’t even narcissistic. I do things for other people that not many people would.

Of course, i think of the hubby and surviving two brain surgeries and the upstanding spouse I have been ( and will always be) but to me that doesn’t fall under this question. Most of this situation would be HIS moments. Not mine.

If i was to define a moment I felt most satisfied with my life it would in some aspect encompass this nurturing heart I have for others.

Like one of my former co-workers/good friend dated a guy for three years. This guy was an awesome guy. He was a great worker. He had goals and ambitions that he was actively working on. He was an awesome friend.


He was a shitty ass boyfriend though.  These two dated for three years until finally they broke up.

She was crushed.

And then Valentines Day was rolling around.

I knew she would be extra emotional , it being the first V-Day single.  So i surprised her with a gift.  A cute card. Some chocolate. A teddy bear. Candy. Random dollar store items. I just got a big gift bag and stuffed it full of stuff to make her smile.

She loved it and appreciated it so much and she worked her shift with her spirits lifted.

That made my heart swell. Knowing i brought comfort and peace to a good person.

It’s the little things like this that i look back on and feel the most accomplishment and satisfaction.

Or the accumulation of little actions and gestures adding up. Like at my job. When a client finally learns and understands something I’ve been teaching them. When they finally learn to travel to a new place after many , many stressful train rides. When they can go into the store, purchase items on their own and count their change after many many manyyyyy  mornings of doing math with them before coffee.  Or when one of my Deaf Clients finally learns a new sign or FINALLY memorized their schedule and I don’t have to hunt down visuals five minutes before program starts.

It’s the consistency that makes me most satisfied with life. The effort.

I’m a simple person. All i need to feel amazing with life and myself is to be true to my heart. From others, i just need a little bit of effort( not even pertaining to me but their task or goal).


So, no I don’t have a big grand moment when I felt most satisfied with life. It’s the little things that matter most to me.


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