Be A Parent ( March B4 Peace Post)

March B4 Peace Post

Please feel free to check out Bloggers for Peace and this month’s challenge here. Kozo is the founder of B4 Peace and feel free to check it out on his blog here.

This month’s B4 Peace prompt is about children. Here is the prompt posted from Kozo’s page:
“Let’s focus on children. How can we teach children to prioritize peace? How did you experience peace as a child? What in your upbringing made you a Blogger for Peace?”

Just want to start off saying, I’m not a parent. But upon contemplation of this, there is only one recurring thing in my head. How can you teach peace towards your child? It’s simple.

Just be a Parent.

It really is that simple to me.  As you all know, i work retail. I see children running amok every single day. I can’t leave my area at work. I have to stand there and watch your child throw a public tantrum and you just stand there and take it, both screaming inches from your face and little fists flying into your body. I have to hear the impossibly high screeching of your child screaming at the top of their lungs continuously. And the probability is you are probably the 3rd or 4th parents I watched standing abide while your child has a hissy fit for the day. That’s not even counting the unattended children I encounter throughout the day.

In the Levi’s section at my job, we have a Denim Bar. Behind the bar are cubbies we used to hold additional stock. I was cleaning out the cubbies, sizing the jeans and sorting by style and what not. I walk away to help a customer and i return and  see eyes staring back at me out of the cubbie. Yes, your child has climbed inside the cubbie and you are no where to be found. Now, I have to “ask” a strange child to not play in there while they laugh and stay inside the cubbie.

I’m just saying,  I know kids will be kids and even the best of parents will have moments of their children acting out. But, I see so much BAD parenting everyday.

I just think, it’s not so much as instilling this grander sense of peace and “what peace is” to a child. I truly belive it’s the little things you can teach your child.  It’s the everyday interaction you have with your child and the everyday interaction your child has with the world that foster them and their character.

I grew up being taught to respect your elders, and have manners and be polite. I live my life by these standards, of being kind to strangers, offering help to strangers. I give up my seat on the bus to those in need. I’ll stop to help you cross the street. I’ll be considerate and kind without a second thought. That’s how i grew up and it is natural to me.

That’s why  i believe, it’s simple. Just be a parent. Everyday. Teach your children about being polite, having manners. Teach them to help others, to share. As your child grows you teach them about respect and relationships. You just be there for them and teach them these basic human decencies.

If we grow up learning how to act with others, then that transfers with us into adulthood and stays with us for life. Just being raised to care about other people and be kind and considerate is basically the core principles of where peace come from. Peace comes from within each of us and the kindness we exert onto the world.

We just teach our children to be kind and caring . Just be present by being active in your child and their interactions with the world.

Just be a parent. Everyday.  And your child will grow up knowing peace.

As per spirit of Bloggers for Peace here is another B4 post from another blogger:

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