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Happy New Year WordPress

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Governor’s Island 

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I know I haven’t posted in a long while. I’ve been sick for a month and work has been. ..intense. Here’s a random trip I took my group on . We paid two bucks to take a short ferry ride to Governor’s Island. We didn’t have much time to explore and it was a last mintue idea for a trip so we were going in blind. I couldn’t help feeling like I was on episode of The Walking Dead. I just kept picturing zombies coming over the hill. 

Central Park

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Afew pictures from around Central park, Ny. 

Stay tuned

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I’m a bit behind on the blogging challenge.


  I hope to catch up tomorrow.  I.o.u day 15 (yesterday’s) and day 16 (today’s). Things are a little hectic at home with my dad being in the hospital.


Day 14, your earliest memory. I blogged about this many years ago, reblogging it for today’s challenge.

Corner of Confessions

As you all know from my last few posts, I did some writing challenges over on a  friend’s blog. If your interested please pop over there and check it out. While doing that Challenge i noticed another blog  , The Daily Post, many were following and doing challenges/writing prompts. So  i popped over to check it out.

Going through that blog it reminded me of  the creative writing group I was part of in college and even the one I was in during high school. Lately, I have been missing school…especially talking to co-workers who are currently students and reading blogs of current students. So when i saw this blog, I instantly knew I was in.

I have been struggling since working my seasonal retail job with time and managing my time. My blogging has taken a negative affect from that. So, I will doing a few of the…

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Day 13: A place you want to visit. Pictures will express my dream vacation.




Tropical island


Tropical island


Hidden beaches










Tropical beach


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I need to give ya’ll an I.O.U. on today’s blog entry. Worked late today and feeling a little under the weather. Till tomorrow lovelies.


This a writing Challenge developed by Linda. Please review how to participate over at her blog. You can find her page here.Here is a hardcopy of the link:
The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS June 4/16


Today’s prompt is Book.

books, book, reading, read, love , passion, imagination

When i read the word book i can’t help it , I smiled. I’m a book collector. I love to read. However , i binge read. Due to real life , i haven’t had the luxury to read the way  i like to. It’s not enough for me to read a few pages before i take the dog out or read a few chapters while commuting.

That’s a tease.

I like to read chucks at a time. I don’t HAVE to read a book in one sitting.  Part of the reading experience for me is being lost to the world created. I’m not turning pages. I’m ducking behind bushes with the main character or driving behind the wheel of the car. I get lost within the binds of the books. I don’t just read about the world,  i escape and live there.  For me, that’s reading.

books, book, read, reading, passion, love, imagination


To be able to read my way, i have to read more than a few pages at a time. I have to be lulled into a rhythm and the real world fades and dissipates and life no longer is nagging in my ear. I escape.

I enjoy experiencing a book this way. People ask how you can read a crappy book. This is how. Once I’m thrust into world, i see it through.
Reading is my ultimate passion. Books are my most treasured possessions. To me , books are the gatekeepers to other worlds.

book, books, read, reading, imagination, passion, love



Day One: Discuss your current relationship

The hubby and  I have been together for almost 9 years. Fun Fact, even though I call him my hubby we are not officially married. I mean, we made common law several years ago, but married officially with a wedding license? We have not officially tied the knot.

We got engaged back in 2010.  Back then, i was finishing my AA degree in a community college just the same time when my dad fell ill.  My dad was in a nursing here for a short stint after his heart attack because he needed IV treatments everyday.  The hubby and I, like everyday, went to visit him.  My dad had a private room because of his super awesome people skills( sarcasm).  My dad was sitting up  on his bed and the hubby was sitting adjacent to the bed chit chatting with my dad. I was on the other side of the room fiddling with the wheel chair. I was idly wheeling back and forth in place while the two chit chatted.

The hubby suddenly goes to ask my dad:

Hubby: “Jim  I wanted to asked you something”
Dad: “Sure what is it?”
Hubby: ” I wanted to ask your permission for Tash’s hand in marriage, would that be alright for you?”

At this point my hand jerked on the wheel chair and i rolled myself suddenly across the room into the open bathroom several feet in front of me.

Dad: ” Of course! I don’t got a problem with it! You gotta make sure Tash doesn’t  have a problem with it.”

Hubby: ” Babe you got a problem with it?”

Me: trying to wheel myself backwards out the bathroom: ” HUHhh, nooo I don’t got a problem with it!”

Hubby and Dad resume chit chatting.

After we left the nursing home the hubby and I was walking up to the bus stop to take the bus home. I asked him if he was serious. He was like

Hubby: “yup, will you marry me?”
Me: ”  Well , yeah!”
Hubby :  “cool then we’re getting married. ”

And that was that.  That’s how we got engaged .  The bus arrived and we got on the bus and shared quiet comments of annoyances of the school kids around us. Later when we got home we spoke about it some more  and then we spread the word to family , friends and social media.

It wasn’t a big grand spectacular fiasco. But, i adore our engagement story. It’s so real life and true to our personalities. The hubby is such a matter of fact guy , always to the point , bold and no frills.  It was random, and yet at the same time it wasn’t random. It fit. It was perfect to us. I loved that technically I was proposed to at a bus stop that we frequent. It was all so NYC to me.

I don’t like rings and I stated long before he proposed that i opt out for an engagement ring and in its place when we have our first place of our own he build me a bookcase/library fitting for the space.

At this point in our lives, it was before the hubby fell ill. We were ready to go to city hall and tie the knot.  We wanted to wait until my dad was recovered.  Also, the hubby was interested in enlisting and and I wanted to see my dad through before I became a traveling army wife.

But what ended up happening is the hubby fell ill. This was when the hubby had his first seizure attack and we discovered he had stage three brain cancer , oligodendroglioma.

Then marriage became a tax issue. If we were to marry, the hubby would not qualify for health issue. His access to medical insurance was and is way more important.

All his medical staff adored us as a engaged couple. Doctor’s often give me orders to ensure the hubby keeps his appointments and when they think the hubby is sugar coating his symptoms they turn to me and ask me what he is holding back.  They not only cared for the hubby but extended the care and affection to me as well.
It’s been five years, and the hubby fell ill again last year and had a second brain surgery. When we reunited with all his medical staff that treated him the first time they were all surprised we were still engaged. “Is this the never ending engagement?!”

Oddly enough, it doesn’t bother me. I know it bothers the hubby sometimes, he’s a tad bit old school and wants to make an honest woman out of me. But, to me? I don’t need a marriage license. We are married. In every way possible. The bond and connection we have can not be denied and i don’t need to check off a little box that says married to feel validated about my relationship.

He’s my poopie head, now and Always.





I’ve been having a sleeping problem.

Also, I’ve been on and off sick since the start of “spring”. I had the flu for almost a month.

I overcame the flu and had maybe two weeks of being okay.

Then I caught a “cold”. That’s what the doctor called it. But, I never had a cold for three weeks with snot leaking out my eye socket…

Untop of being sick, I was super stressed. Stressed with work. Stressed with home life. Stressed with the hubby and his health. I was overwhelmed.

While being sick, I  did take a lot of NyQuil also.  So I suspected my sleeping troubles had a lot to do with being sick and nyquil and stress and all of it rolled into one.

My system is just all out of whack.

On this particular night, I was checking out. My head hit the pillow and I was welcoming the darkness of sweet slumber.

I sleep laying on my stomach,  my cheek on a pillow and  hugging another pillow.

I was in that deep sleep and could almost feel the drool dropping onto my pillow.

Something, I don’t know what, told me to wake up.

Out of instinct, I opened my eyes.

Upon opening my eyes I was staring directly to my left, eye level with the hubby pillows.  I was greeted with eyes of a creature of the night staring back out me.
It appeared to look like this:


Ok , I over dramatized.

It was an ant.

But, it was an ant on the hubby’s pillow.. .an ant in the middle of the night!

And still,  my stance on bugs is burn them all with a flame thrower.

I hate them.

I never kill them. I run screaming for help.

But this was the hubby’s pillow.

I jot up.  Got a napkin from my night stand on the right of me and scoped up the ant.

Let me say that again.

I scooped up a bug with a napkin…

A fucking bug was in the folds of a napkin in my hand!

In. My. Hand.!!!

So then…

I started cussing at the hubby!

Still holding the napkin cause I was scared to let go and unleash the creature.  I was whisper screaming “It’s a  fucking bug!!! Take this fucking creature!”

He grabbed the napkin and disposed of it.

When my heart beat slowed down several seconds later, I proclaimed I saved his life….

and promptly went back to sleep.

*images found on Google when searching monster tags.