Fire Love Affair

This post is in response to the Blog Challenge by Tilda Swift at her blog, Swift Expression. It is my entry for number 2. If any of my readers derives inspiration from this post and would like to do something similar on their own blog, please provide full credit to Swift Expression

The Challenge

2. For painting and drawing, you may choose either theme –
An invisible flame, or
The uninvented colour

Fire Love Affair
Fire has always fascinated me. I was young pyromaniac. I remember once hanging out with a friend and we decided to burn photos and papers in my attic. It started to smell like smoke and the smoke was raising up out of  the pail. We started to get worried we would burn the garage down and my friend doused everything in water. I was sad to see the flame go.  I always have candles in my room and I’ve wrote poems about the flame and it’s dancing. I believe in the beauty of a small light in the dark. The shadows it causes reminding us there is always unknown in darkness even when there is light.  But also, the dark is not to be forgotten. What purpose would a light serve if there was no dark? What beauty would the bright light have in not surrounded in darkness. But, also, the flame reminds us  to be cautious. To not be blinded and deceived.  So while the flame itself may be enticing and tantalizing, beauty can be found in the shadows on the wall. If you touch the flame you will be burned, but if you slink in the shadows you are comforted from the heat.

So, my love affair with fire, I knew IF I did this challenge that would be the prompt I picked. I can’t draw and I can only doodle two things.
Stick figures.

And  a flame.

The story behind my drawing.
Like I said, I can’t draw. So I was thinking how I can draw without drawing. Then I had a memory from a month or so ago.

I was at work one day. During  the slowest part of the slow season of working retail. So, I was milling around the registers with two co-workers. We were working the socks and underwear side of the store that day which makes work that much more…less. It doesn’t get messy when it’s slow, everything is in packages. And customers rarely like assistance. They like to keep their underwear size private.  So, we were milling around chit chatting.

My boss walks up and is grinning from ear to ear. He says
“Tasha, close out these two registers!”  pointing to two on opposite sides of each other. Confused because we were hours away from closing time and we don’t close registers until ALL customers are out of the store( not just our department/floor), I ask why.  He said since it’s slow we’re getting training in how to use the portable registers ( basically it’s an Iphone 5 with a scanner attached to scan the items and a slider to swipe the credit card).  This will be my first time using one so I’m nervous and excited.

I close one register. My co-worker closes the other. My boss tells me to go to the cash room with the take and then sign out a libby( it’s what the device is called).

So, I grab the envelopes for the resister I closed and i grabbed the one my co-worker closed and I was about to walk away when he stopped me. He asked me if I knew his number. We have associate numbers and it goes on everything. When we close a register we type it in the system, write it on the paperwork and give our number to the cash room assistance who takes the cash draw.   I tell him, of course I don’t, I was just going to use my number. He told me to hang on he’ll write it down.

So, i stand there and watch him go to a register and press the button to dispatch a strip of receipt paper. He looks for a pen for like 2 seconds and I start to look around too, but already know all the pens are gone. We keep a pen at each register, sometimes two because we circle a survey the customer can do and also write our name on the receipt so the customer can leave feedback about us. The pens always disappear.

So, I start to tell him just tell me the number , I’ll remember it. When he takes his thumb and scribbles on the receipt paper. Then all nonchalantly he says “here you go” and thrusts the paper at me.

I look at the receipt in his hand and then look at him and said

“Wait, what just happened”

He laughs. He tells me most types of receipt paper you can use your nail to write on it . It’s makes a friction scratch and it levels a pencil like marking.

Mind = blown.

I grabbed the receipt from him and immediately began scribbling with my nail and it my amazement, it left marks.

My face was like a kid on Christmas. My co-worker laughed and I walked away smiling all the way upstairs to the cash room.

Invisible flame eh?It doesn’t get much more invisible than drawing a flame with invisible ink. SO here I present you with my flame on a random receipt paper I had lying around. It’s not my best flame, I haven’t drawn one in years. And, I clipped my nails yesterday so I had little to work with. But, I’m quite happy with it.


So folks, I hoped you enjoyed my story of my love affair with fire. Just remember, just because something burns you doesn’t mean its meant to harm you. Fire can save your life. But, just because it’s beautiful, doesn’t mean it’s safe. Fire can consume quickly, consuming a human in mere seconds. The light does not always equate goodness and the dark does not always equate evil. Fire, my friends, its beautiful, dangerous , enticing and enchanting all in one. But, so are the shadows cast on the wall.


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