Matters Most ( Trend)

11. Compulsory for the Trendsetter Award. Start a trend

This post is in response to the Blog Challenge by Tilda Swift at her blog, Swift Expression. It is my entry for number 7. If any of my readers derives inspiration from this post and would like to do something similar on their own blog, please provide full credit to the owner of the original Blog Challenge (as stated above) to abide by copyright laws.

When I first read about The Trend Challenge I knew from the start if I attempted to start a Trend it would be something blogging related.  The problem is almost everything I’m interested in I am already doing, ie THIS blog challenge LOL.

Also like Blogger’s for Peace- a once a month post all for the same cause.

Also like I follow a lovely woman, Cheryl who started her own “Share the Love”  and monthly shines a spotlight on a blog she follows.

There is also the problem I don’t have alot of followers. That’s OKAY! The ones I have are awesome and great. But, my blog isn’t THAT interactive.  I get a dozen or so likes per post and a few comments from  a dedicated few ( and I love each and every like and comment and respond back to every comment).

But mostly my blog doesn’t get alot of traffic.  So how do you create something that warrants just that?

I realize i don’t care!  The hell with that! LOL. I never cared about traffic, and numbers and my stats. Why start now? As long as I have one person reading my words, that’s enough for me!  I’m going to give back to those that already give to me( richly so). To those that Matters Most.

I don’t care if you have one follower, one hundred followers, one thousands followers or one million followers. It’s not the number that matters it’s the quality of interaction that matters.

So, I’m not starting anything that puts value in building numbers and needs numbers. I’m going to start something that is a personal THANK YOU to those invested into me however few or however many that may be.

Matters Most will be a monthly blog entry in tribute to one who consistently and willingly showed my blog the most love and support. This isn’t a bribe. I don’t want comments and likes flooding in.  This isn’t a gimmick to drive useless visits/traffic and foster meaningless comments.  No. NO gimmicks.This is for those that have taken precious time of their day to stop by my corner of the world irregardless to whatever is going on out there in the real world. Its to say THANK YOU to my blogging family.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m open for that circle to grow! All is welcome! But like i said Matters Most is my way of sending a special thanks to those who support me even when I don’t post all.

I think the format for the actual Matters Most Post will be a mixture of my words, a link back to their blog, a review of a blog that they have written and  reblogs. Also, I would like to incorporate an open challenge. The honoree of that Monthly Matters Most Post can challenge me to a blog entry. It could be a Q&A. They can pick a topic for me to blog about. They can send me off into the blog world to a check out a few of their followers. They can send me links to check out and I’ll write about. It can be any topic, and I’ll write about.

So technically, one other person needs to join in for this to be considered for a Trend. But, irregardless to the Challenge, I’m going to go through with Matters Most anyways.

I don’t want to send the wrong message with my Matters Most Post.  I don’t have favorites and don’t think more or less of any of you for commenting or not commenting. I love you all, all my followers. I’m thankful for the interest in me and my blog and very happy and grateful for your support. I don’t mean to insult my silent readers. I adore you!

I love blogging and it takes alot of courage sometimes to leave a comment. It certainly does take a lot of time and consideration and I think that is very spot light worthy!

Since it is the end of the month I’ll wait til April to start Matters Most with an actual honoree( but that honoree will reflect the previous month i.e April will reflect March, May will reflect April) . I’ll set up a special page on the header tab later in the week as well.

But for now, this is my Trend. Shining a spot light on those who Matters Most.

I encourage you to ignore your stats and take notice of those who ARE there and who love and support  you consistently. The ones we take for granted sometimes. Recognize the ones who Matters Most.


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