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Why hello there wordpressers. Sooo, the blog challenge was an epic fail. A day got away from me…and the days started to add up. Before i knew it, it was a week later.  A blink of the eye, it was two weeks later.

I admit it was a little overwhelming to post everyday for the blog challenge. Previous challenges I have completed, i used to binge write on my days off and schedule them to publish the day off. This time around, I was attempting to write everyday, not in advance.

I admit, I let the fear of the effort it takes to write prevent me from trying. Once i hit two days, I was like OMG i have so much to write I don’t have the energy for it.

It was just a combination of life taking a toll on me. When I came home from work, I was just done for the day. Things at home were hectic too with my dad having surgery.

My head space was not good.

I may have failed.

But, I am not defeated.

I will try again. I’m aiming for the weekend. I already know work this week is jammed packed and I’m putting in extra time so I’m not going to even bother to set myself up for that failure. But, no plans this weekend. Three day weekend at that. So, that’s the goal I’m aiming for.

I’m thinking of picking up from where I left off with the 30 day challenge.


I’m sorry to disappoint to the few people that were following my daily challenge. But, stay tuned, it’s not over yet.

writing , writing prompt , writing challengeDay 9 : If you could have any job in the world, what would it be?


And that’s the million dollar question. I haven’t quite figured it out what I want my dream career to be.


I did enjoy working retail. Not so much the crap pay, hours and crappy people. I did love though, being in charge of my department, maintaining inventory, pricing and visuals. It was my own little world. I was the expert. I love redoing whole fixtures,sizing, restocking and refolding shelves creating  master pieces of displays.  I even loved Black Friday, finding and tossing jeans piles at a time to customers in record time. 13414494_10206874252195095_514131368_n

I do love my current job, working in  a day service program with people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  It’s rewarding and gratifying work. It’s heart warming and positive. Everyday, i make a difference and that’s a good feeling. It’s tons of fun at times. It’s stressful and a lot of pressure and often times so tiring when you come home from work you have no energy to do anything.


But as for life long careers? I’m not sure.


I do know, i like to be home. I like to clean. I like to cook. I like home projects. I love tending to the dog. I love to read. I love to write. Ideally, my dream job would give me the ability to work at home, hours of my choice. It would give me freedom and flexibility to volunteer in program like i currently work, animal shelters and green earth organizations.  I just want the financial security and the freedom to invest in things I love and have the ability to satisfy all my humanitarian interests.

Do you know what the job is ? I sure haven’t figured it out…

writing , writing prompt , writing challenge

Day  8: Discuss a moment when you felt most satisfied with your life.


I’ll be honest with you, I’m struggling a bit over here. I’m not having a big grand AH HA! moment. The light bulb is flickering. But, it’s just not lighting up all the way. I’m not really defining ONE big grand spectacular moment.

For me, i tend to be a humble person. Sometimes, almost to a fault, i put more energy and effort into other people than myself. I’m most proud of my character and wearing my heart on my sleeve. I define myself as having a heart of gold and stating this isn’t even narcissistic. I do things for other people that not many people would.

Of course, i think of the hubby and surviving two brain surgeries and the upstanding spouse I have been ( and will always be) but to me that doesn’t fall under this question. Most of this situation would be HIS moments. Not mine.

If i was to define a moment I felt most satisfied with my life it would in some aspect encompass this nurturing heart I have for others.

Like one of my former co-workers/good friend dated a guy for three years. This guy was an awesome guy. He was a great worker. He had goals and ambitions that he was actively working on. He was an awesome friend.


He was a shitty ass boyfriend though.  These two dated for three years until finally they broke up.

She was crushed.

And then Valentines Day was rolling around.

I knew she would be extra emotional , it being the first V-Day single.  So i surprised her with a gift.  A cute card. Some chocolate. A teddy bear. Candy. Random dollar store items. I just got a big gift bag and stuffed it full of stuff to make her smile.

She loved it and appreciated it so much and she worked her shift with her spirits lifted.

That made my heart swell. Knowing i brought comfort and peace to a good person.

It’s the little things like this that i look back on and feel the most accomplishment and satisfaction.

Or the accumulation of little actions and gestures adding up. Like at my job. When a client finally learns and understands something I’ve been teaching them. When they finally learn to travel to a new place after many , many stressful train rides. When they can go into the store, purchase items on their own and count their change after many many manyyyyy  mornings of doing math with them before coffee.  Or when one of my Deaf Clients finally learns a new sign or FINALLY memorized their schedule and I don’t have to hunt down visuals five minutes before program starts.

It’s the consistency that makes me most satisfied with life. The effort.

I’m a simple person. All i need to feel amazing with life and myself is to be true to my heart. From others, i just need a little bit of effort( not even pertaining to me but their task or goal).


So, no I don’t have a big grand moment when I felt most satisfied with life. It’s the little things that matter most to me.

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Day Four: Discuss your views on religion

I was raised Roman Catholic. I was in Catholic school until high school. I think when your in this type of strict and religious environment you are denied the options of choice. You are not introduced to faith, you are being told what to believe, when to believe it and how to believe and depict faith. Then criticized if it’s not their definition of a right depiction.   Your homework assignment is to attend Sunday Mass and write about the sermon then be graded on it in class… grade your faith? That’s basically being conditioned to believe that if you don’t know all the patron saints or all the milestones of Jesus Christ it’s solely because you are lacking in faith and therefore disappointing your Lord and Savior and falling prey to a life of unholiness and sin. Who is anyone to determine your relationship and standing with God?

And holy hell, those nuns. One Sister held me back for detention for hours to repetitively write  o’s correctly in cursive.  You never catch me writing in script since elementary school.

The moment I entered high school I stopped attending church services.  Truth be told, I stopped believing in traditional religion in a church setting long before then.

For awhile, I’m going to guesstimate around 12 years old, i seriously believed in Wicca. There was something about the simplicity of spirituality and connecting to nature.  And a Goddess. I vividly remember one Saturday my family took a trip to the racetrack. I brought with me various books on Wicca and a notebook and i dutifully spent the day taking notes in my notebook.

I drifted from Wicca during high school.

And i was adrift for quite some time.

I studied various religions  like Buddhism and Islam.

Nothing seemed right. Nothing fit me 100%. Something always left  a nagging  feeling.
So you know what i did? I put aspects from every religion i know that connected with me and I stirred it up.

And that’s what I practice and believe in.

I believe there is a God. But i also believe there is many Gods and Goddesses. I believe in nature and there is spiritual connections to mother nature. I believe in Peace. I believe in the Three Folds Law, whatever energy you send out into the world is returned to you three times. I believe in Karma. I believe in heaven and hell but  i also believe in reincarnation. I do tie in beliefs to supernatural happenings,  I believe in angels and guardian angels and ghosts.

I believe all traditional religions are right and all are wrong at the same time.

I pray. I pray to my maker – you call it God or Goddess or any other name. I just identify with a higher entity and usually i call it a God. But, i do believe in a Goddess as well ( mother nature ).  When i pray I’m not reciting a memorized mantra. It’s like talking just like I am talking to you all here. I live my life with a moral code. I try to make better choices  and treat myself and others with compassion an respect.  I face life with understanding for others and consideration. I practice being open and honest.

I do no identify with organized traditional religions. I do believe we have choices and should not live our lives line for line according to a doctrine. Life has much fluidity. We have to be willing to be swept into the currents. I believe religions are like a dam preventing life from flowing. If the official labels are taking off and the wall is brought down then we can freely swift through the waves of life.




Day Two: Where would you like to be in ten years?
The vision for the future is ever changing.
          Surrounded by meadows of wheat and wild flowers with country’s miles away from another, field, wild, country, country living, life

Quaint one family ranch house with a backyard of grass for the dogs to run.

mediterranean, backyard, suburbs ,

15th floor penthouse view overlooking the New York City skyline.
nyc, ny , new york, penthouse, view, city , city live, condos

Fluidity of wants and needs are forever overlapping like a wave crescendo . In tens years from now…. I’m not sure what shores I will wash upon.

I can see myself sweeping pollen off my porch steps yet at the same time I can see myself drinking martini’s on a rooftop. To me, home is where the heart is. heart, happy, happiness, love, home
I know no matter where the vasts oceans of life takes me, I will be happy as long as the people I love most are with me. So ten years from now where do I see myself ? I couldn’t say where I will be living nor what career I would have. I can say though, ten years from now, wherever I end up…
I will be happy.

happy, happiness, peace



Day One: Discuss your current relationship

The hubby and  I have been together for almost 9 years. Fun Fact, even though I call him my hubby we are not officially married. I mean, we made common law several years ago, but married officially with a wedding license? We have not officially tied the knot.

We got engaged back in 2010.  Back then, i was finishing my AA degree in a community college just the same time when my dad fell ill.  My dad was in a nursing here for a short stint after his heart attack because he needed IV treatments everyday.  The hubby and I, like everyday, went to visit him.  My dad had a private room because of his super awesome people skills( sarcasm).  My dad was sitting up  on his bed and the hubby was sitting adjacent to the bed chit chatting with my dad. I was on the other side of the room fiddling with the wheel chair. I was idly wheeling back and forth in place while the two chit chatted.

The hubby suddenly goes to ask my dad:

Hubby: “Jim  I wanted to asked you something”
Dad: “Sure what is it?”
Hubby: ” I wanted to ask your permission for Tash’s hand in marriage, would that be alright for you?”

At this point my hand jerked on the wheel chair and i rolled myself suddenly across the room into the open bathroom several feet in front of me.

Dad: ” Of course! I don’t got a problem with it! You gotta make sure Tash doesn’t  have a problem with it.”

Hubby: ” Babe you got a problem with it?”

Me: trying to wheel myself backwards out the bathroom: ” HUHhh, nooo I don’t got a problem with it!”

Hubby and Dad resume chit chatting.

After we left the nursing home the hubby and I was walking up to the bus stop to take the bus home. I asked him if he was serious. He was like

Hubby: “yup, will you marry me?”
Me: ”  Well , yeah!”
Hubby :  “cool then we’re getting married. ”

And that was that.  That’s how we got engaged .  The bus arrived and we got on the bus and shared quiet comments of annoyances of the school kids around us. Later when we got home we spoke about it some more  and then we spread the word to family , friends and social media.

It wasn’t a big grand spectacular fiasco. But, i adore our engagement story. It’s so real life and true to our personalities. The hubby is such a matter of fact guy , always to the point , bold and no frills.  It was random, and yet at the same time it wasn’t random. It fit. It was perfect to us. I loved that technically I was proposed to at a bus stop that we frequent. It was all so NYC to me.

I don’t like rings and I stated long before he proposed that i opt out for an engagement ring and in its place when we have our first place of our own he build me a bookcase/library fitting for the space.

At this point in our lives, it was before the hubby fell ill. We were ready to go to city hall and tie the knot.  We wanted to wait until my dad was recovered.  Also, the hubby was interested in enlisting and and I wanted to see my dad through before I became a traveling army wife.

But what ended up happening is the hubby fell ill. This was when the hubby had his first seizure attack and we discovered he had stage three brain cancer , oligodendroglioma.

Then marriage became a tax issue. If we were to marry, the hubby would not qualify for health issue. His access to medical insurance was and is way more important.

All his medical staff adored us as a engaged couple. Doctor’s often give me orders to ensure the hubby keeps his appointments and when they think the hubby is sugar coating his symptoms they turn to me and ask me what he is holding back.  They not only cared for the hubby but extended the care and affection to me as well.
It’s been five years, and the hubby fell ill again last year and had a second brain surgery. When we reunited with all his medical staff that treated him the first time they were all surprised we were still engaged. “Is this the never ending engagement?!”

Oddly enough, it doesn’t bother me. I know it bothers the hubby sometimes, he’s a tad bit old school and wants to make an honest woman out of me. But, to me? I don’t need a marriage license. We are married. In every way possible. The bond and connection we have can not be denied and i don’t need to check off a little box that says married to feel validated about my relationship.

He’s my poopie head, now and Always.




Just Jot It January

Well the day is finally upon us. Today is the last day for Just Jot It January.  Our final prompt is “clumsy”. It’s a little late to join in but feel free to visit Linda’s blog and browse through past posts and all the participants .
Just Jot It January 31st – Clumsy

clumsy, fell, fall, accident prone , joke, meme

For those that don’t know me in real life, I’m clumsy. Which is why i hate ice. When i see a patch of ice i immediately see instant death.

During my going out clubbing and bars phase, i struggled because I was clumsy. I always had a high tolerance for drinking . It would take a few drinks for me to get tipsy. But, what’s the tell tale sign one is getting drunk? Falling, stumbling  general loss of standing upright. Well, I have that challenge sober. But, it’s a hard thing to sell when drinks are involved.  I couldn’t even defend myself because the first thing a drunk person says when accused of being drunk…”I’m not drunk!”
clumsy, accident prone, fell, fall, trip

So, there I was just a clumsy person always accused of being drunk and had enough meanwhile I could drink everyone under the table.

I have to admit, with age I tend to be less clumsy. I wouldn’t say I’m cured. Every morning i trip over something , the hubby’s shoes, or Bianca innocently sleeping on the floor. I call them death traps . I’m convinced the people I live with purposely and artfully leave stuff in such a precarious way with the sole purpose of trying to take me out.


Jan 21 – Mittens

Today’s Prompt is “Mittens”.
You can visit Linda’s blog for the rules.

mittens, gloves, winter, cold, apparel

I want these!!

Funny, i hated mittens as a child. But, now as an adult, i would kill for a pair. I haven’t found one adult size that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Well, I haven’t looked too hard to be honest.

Gloves hinder my usage of my fingers. From cell phone using, to walking and doing things. I can’t even work my wallet with gloves on. I have to take the whole glove off during my morning commute to work to use my gadgets while on the train. Then to work my purse and wallet and cash while buying breakfast and coffee. Then who has time while trying to gather your items and purchases to re-glove when the next person is trying to order over your shoulder? It’s too hectic in the morning time, everyone in a rush for the commute to work.

So, i always end up glove-less.

But mittens? My whole hand does not have to freeze. I just flip it back and BOOM my fingers are there and i have usage of them. I can go about my routine while my hands stay partially warm. Then it’s so much easier to flip it back over when outside and on the go carrying morning coffee and breakfast. I no longer risk breaking a tooth trying to hold my breakfast bag with my teeth while I try to reapply my gloves.

I really want a pair of mittens.

Motivational Memes.
In participation with Just Jot It January. Visit Linda’s blog to join in anytime.
Just Jot It January 14th – Motivation

Sometimes, we can pep talk other people to death, but can never listen to the advice we so swiftly dish out. For me, inspirational quotes helps. Even more, funny and motivational memes put a smile on my face and gives me a “pep talk” of its own kind.






























rose, flower, sparking, wither, breakin free
For those of you that have been my blogging friends for a while, you all knew or knew off Swift Expression and her fierce blog and amazing Blogging Challenges. We all miss Tilda dearly and if anyone has communication with her please tell her I miss her and love her,

For those of you new bloggers you may not know of her and her blog. I wish you did but her blog is now closed down. If you go to my Trendsetter tab all those pages are a template of blog posts I have made for her last challenge before she left.

That was back in April. I wrote this farewell post back then and stated I wish to start a Writing Prompt Series in her honor and all the inspiration both in blogging and life she provided to us all.  You can read that post here or by clicking the link below.

Testament to how much she inspired me i nearly stopped blogging since she left. But, I’m back and I’m ready.

I wish to start this writing prompt series.

However, I’m well aware my following had dwindled down with active communication not consistent.  I don’t think , in the beginning at least that anyone will join in or many people will read and follow along a weekly writing prompt series.

So I’m changing this tribute series just a little bit. I’m making it a personal dedication to my wonderful Tilda. Swift Expression was just an adequate name. She really inspired and invoked creativity inside myself I didn’t even know I had. So, I owe it to her and to myself to harvest my inner creativity. For that I’m going to start a weekly blog post.  It will be to challenge myself to post ONCE a week even during my busiest times.  And really that’s what matters most. Going back to the basics of blogging for one’s own self. It what Tilda inspired in us all, opening us up to blog about our true inner feelings and to give us encouragement to explore then.

So it is only fair any writing series I start be in that honor, to write to explore one’s self.

So that’s what this weekly writing prompt thingy will be.

We all have slumps. We each have busy lives with lives off the computer that need our tending too and attention. So we all have a few days where it’s not convenient to blog. That’s how I slipped up in blogging. It was easy to get lost in the routine of life. Without my main inspiration of Swift Expression who would personally seek you out for your input. I felt a detachment from blogging. I felt there was no one to hold me accountable.

I’m changing that mindset. Starting now.

I’m getting back into blogging for MYSELF. My for peace of mind. Quell my emotions. For the joy of writing.

butterflies, freedom , flying, set free

Please stay Tuned for Part two of this where it would go into details of the writing prompt series itself. I’m thinking of calling it “Slump Day” . The post to help get you past your slump in blogging for that week. Wha cha think?