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Day 10: What is your guilty pleasure?

I think most of my guilty pleasures could be summed up in a previous post i wrote earlier in this challenge : comfort foods.


I would like to add two more things

  1. Alcohol. I’m a drinker. I love to drink. I’m not an alcoholic. I don’t get to drink often anymore, the whole being a responsible adult and all that. Plus, I get hangovers now. Part of getting older i guess. I miss the days of slamming back shots and not have to worry about puking or feeling like death the next day. When i drink i have to plan proper recovery time.
  2.  Lazy Day. I know this  is odd for a guilty pleasure. But, usually as adults your day off from work is reserved for errands, chores and stuff you put off all week. My guilty pleasure is saying eff it. Leaving the dust for another day and have a stay in pj’s and in bed day with the hubby and dog and binge watching netflix.  Just thinking about it I’m already sighing in the relaxing thought.



Day Five: What are your favorite comfort foods and why?


Ice cream-  Oreo cookie and cream ice cream to be exact.  Forget the bowl just pass me a spoon. I actually have a little ritual. I usually get the Baskin Robbin prepackaged kind.  It’s always on sale two for 9.99. I wrap the carton in tissue so my hands don’t get cold burn. And I get under the blanket. I put on a chic flick or reality show. And spoon away. I know unhealthy but i usually eat half the carton like this.  I think it’s so soothing for me because it’s cold. It takes time. I spoon out the bigger cookie piece and place it on the lid. I save those for last. There is a process involved and it combines my favorite flavors of oreo and ice cream. It definitely fulls you up as well.  Its my go to comfort food.
cereal, comfort food

If for some ungodly reason the store is out of Oreo cookie and cream, my back up is plain vanilla but i add toppings. It’s a little weird but taste amazing. Fruity pebbles. This is definitely a bowl experience. I layer fruity pebble on the bottle of the bowl, layer of ice cream, layer of more fruity pebbles.  There is something about the construction of this that is calming. Then the mixed texture experience while eating and vegging out to TV.  Definitely,  a top comfort food.

choclate bar , comfort food,
A chocolate bar. I’m picky with chocolate. My favorite is cadbury’s milk chocolate. I freeze it first. Then break up the whole bar into squares and pick out an eating order with the squares.

cake, comfort food

Fluffy cakes. I’m not picky when it comes to cakes. I eat all flavors.  I do eat it a little ocd.  I usually eat half of a slice in the traditional way, fork at a time. Then i start dissecting the layers and separate the layers and eat one layer at a time.  I’m beginning to think it’s the ritual of eating that is more calming to me.  To have that down time watching tv and a task to fixate on and shut out the real world.

ice coffee, coffee, comfort food

Ice coffee ( hot coffee during winter).  I’m just not the same person when i don’t have coffee. Allow me my coffee time and i swear it’s the best comfort to me and honestly for the safety of the general population.


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Saw this on face book and just had to share! It’s funny and true. I’m only 25 but i feel older and older everyday. If asked to go out partying and drinking all night or stay home and sleep….yeah my pillow I will pick every time. I no longer can stay up all night without being tried for the rest of the week. These are the things they don’t tell you about “growing up”.

So, from my previous post you probably know I had a tiring day friday night. I wanted nothing more to come home and have a nice big glass of  liquor.

That didn’t happen. I didn’t have any liquor. So i settled for venting via blogging and eating a bag of chips.

I was off of work today and I was just tired. Physically yes, but mostly mentally. Not just from work, but from life. So I spent the day in bed mostly. Watched the season finale of Shameless and two episodes of Revolution so I’m caught up on all my shows.

But, i really wanted that drink.  But, on a part time retail pay check, I just can’t afford to spend the 20 something bucks on a bottle of liquor. Plus, the drinking will make me smoke a few extra ciggys and I don’t have extra ciggy money in the budget.

So, watching mindless TV all day was helping a bit.

Then i said fuck it.

I went downstairs to the bar. I figured I could find a little of SOMETHING to make a drink. I knew I was out of all the good stuff. I have all the mixers , peach snaps , triple sec, sour mix, sweet and sour mix. I was looking maybe for a shot of whiskey or tequila. So i open the bar doors and found nothing but empty bottles.

What the fuck. I don’t keep empty bottoms. I have no idea who drained my little stash. My dad notices me and he comes over and starts looking through his bar stash. It was wiped out too.

SO that left only the wine stash.

You know the stuff people give you as a last-minute gift. Mostly stuff my mother brought home from work accumulated over the years or part of the cheese gift basket. Cheap wine. Mixture of red and white. Some of them were literally 2 bucks a bottle.

I said fuck it, and grab the first non cork bottle I see. I hate opening corks, i can never work the cork screw.  I then throw the bottle in the freezer.

A little bit later i take a oh so fashionable plastic cup and the bottle upstairs. I pour myself a drink.

I drank my first cup and just laid down sipping my drink. It was divine.

The hubby comes back into the room and as i pour my second cup we watch a comedy special, Louis C k.  Fucking hilarious.

After the special I pour the third and final cup. The hubs went to sleep and I’m watching TV waiting for 12 for a movie to start on HBO.

I fuss around and finally find a really comfy spot. Perfect amount of blanket on and blanket off making just the right temperature for my comfort. The right amount of pillow fluff and support. I was feeling pretty freaking relaxed and unburdened.

I reach over to my cup and when i pick it up it got hit against something else on the night stand.
Liquid proceeded to fall all over my arm, pillow, and bed with a splash on my blanket for good measure. I immediately started cursing. I actually thought for a second if I could manage with all the wine wetness.

Some more cursing, I get up and grab a towel and start moping up the wine. Aggressively.

The hubs manages to sleep through all this.

I’m not upset over the spilt wine.

I’m upset over the lost comfort. It was that rare moment of comfort.

Now Lost forever.

At-least I still have half a cup of wine left.