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Somethings in life are hard. So gut wrenching , back breaking , mind numbing, incredibly hard.

But, rare few gems of life are effortless.

I try my hardest each day when life’s struggles are pressing me down to stop struggling. Take a step aside to the things that effortless.

Like love.

Loving the hubby. Loving my furbaby. My love for reading books. My love of hiding under a blanket fort.

Those things are easy. They come effortlessly.

But these things that come effortless, they hold the most value and substance in our life. Job is stressful. Bills have to be paid. Groeceries to be bought. Medicine to be picked up. Laundry to be done….

All those are meaningless and replaceable at the end of the day.

Which is why my new years goal was to spend quality time each day with the hubby, read if only for a few pages and to blog daily.

Essentially my goal is to put the effort towards things that are effortless. To put my engery into love.

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