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Well, us new yorkers complained and complained about the weather being confused. The lack of winter like weather. Mother Nature finally brought us winter and she was fierce. 30 inches of snow with a day long blizzard.









I don’t know about ya’ll. I just feel compelled to face dive right into it. I love the snow. I trekked from my house, out the front and up the driveway to the garage. Snow was up to my knees. I needed to get some meat out the freezer in the garage to put it to defrost so I have something to cook later. I was giggling my whole walk. Its that soft powder snow. I can’t resist. I’m just compelled.  I’m going back outside to play in the snow.

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Just Jot It January 24th – Compelled – We’re almost there!


Let it go. Let it gooooo. Ok, I got that out of my system. Today’s Just Jot It January prompt is Frozen. Once I read the word of course because of the culture i live in, Frozen the Movie instantly popped into my head.

I think the Frozen trend is starting to fade out finally. It amazed me how long this one lasted.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved the movie. But, I was just astounded at  how it swept the nation, in waves. Just when you thought you could leave the house without a Frozen reference in your face… BOOM…. there it goes. Two Halloween’s in a row, Frozen costumes dominated.

I still missed out on playing that Frozen drinking game.  Take a shot every time someone was dressed as a frozen character. I was working both Halloweens. Maybe next year I’ll just dress as Elsa and take a shot every time I pass a mirror. Hmmm.

But, i realized life is kind of like viral trends. It’s hit or miss. Sometimes things pop up randomly. Sometimes we come across something so heartwarming or belly laughing funny. Sometimes we come across something heartbreaking. Other times, people send us things. Sometimes we send people things. Then there’s times when just nothing new is popping up. Just like social media,  that’s how things in life happen. We could never predict what goes viral. Similarly in life, we can never predict when we receive good Karma or stumble across new opportunities. Who would of guessed Frozen would of struck the world like it did? That’s life as well. Sometimes we could never predict when a decision is a great life choice.

We can’t plan or predict life’s obstacles either. When things happen, we just have to roll with it. Being angry, miserable or negative what will that accomplish?  Instead of wallowing when unplanned things occur, we shouldn’t fight it. Just like in social media we have a choice to not comment or like or share. We can keep scrolling. In life, we have the same option. This year part of my goals is just go with the unpredictable. To adapt.  We can’t prevent things, we can’t control everything. We will never understand why things happens. We can spend days questioning why and still we would not come up with an answer.

The only thing we can control is how we respond, how we react. We can click “like” or “share” or keep “scrolling”.

Just like when Frozen took over the world, instead of fighting the Frozen outbreak, I put on a tiara and listened to adult parodies of Let It Go.

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Happy Halloween!!happy_halloween_3.gif_480_480_0_64000_0_1_0

I had to work today , but i really wanted to stay home and play this drinking game


But, alas, I was working. In my commute to and from work all i saw was 4 Elsa’s.

Eh, maybe I’ll toss back the four shots anyways, even though I work early morning because: