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Just Jot It January

Well the day is finally upon us. Today is the last day for Just Jot It January.  Our final prompt is “clumsy”. It’s a little late to join in but feel free to visit Linda’s blog and browse through past posts and all the participants .
Just Jot It January 31st – Clumsy

clumsy, fell, fall, accident prone , joke, meme

For those that don’t know me in real life, I’m clumsy. Which is why i hate ice. When i see a patch of ice i immediately see instant death.

During my going out clubbing and bars phase, i struggled because I was clumsy. I always had a high tolerance for drinking . It would take a few drinks for me to get tipsy. But, what’s the tell tale sign one is getting drunk? Falling, stumbling  general loss of standing upright. Well, I have that challenge sober. But, it’s a hard thing to sell when drinks are involved.  I couldn’t even defend myself because the first thing a drunk person says when accused of being drunk…”I’m not drunk!”
clumsy, accident prone, fell, fall, trip

So, there I was just a clumsy person always accused of being drunk and had enough meanwhile I could drink everyone under the table.

I have to admit, with age I tend to be less clumsy. I wouldn’t say I’m cured. Every morning i trip over something , the hubby’s shoes, or Bianca innocently sleeping on the floor. I call them death traps . I’m convinced the people I live with purposely and artfully leave stuff in such a precarious way with the sole purpose of trying to take me out.


Serial Killer vs. Ghost

I was awoken 2am with the muffled sound of a bang. My dog sleepingly picked her head up and stared at the room door as if she had xray vision. Her ears pirked up. I struggled through the haze of sleep to look at her. She stood up and did her doggie shake but didn’t bark. She didn’t approach me.

I listened intently but I didn’t hear anything.

I drop my head back to my pillow and welcomed sleep.

Afew snores later, I hear my dog whisper barking and pacing in a circle.

Crap. Does she hear a serial killer or does she have to pee?

I begrudgingly get out of bed and pick her up. I open my room door and that’s when it hits me.

There was a bang, in the wee hours in the morning. What the hell am I doing investigating?

That’s when the fear hit. I tossed on the hallway light and peaked down the stairs. I didn’t see or hear anything.

I honest to God had a quick 30 second coward moment and thought of putting my dog down and sending her to investigate. All 11 pounds of pomerarian fury.

I felt bad and so with afew curse words I slowly go down the stairs stopping every so often expecting to see a serial killer charging at me.

I make it to the landing finally and turn on the downstairs hallway light. I look to the right first and peek into the living room. My dad is sleeping and besides him no one is there.

I slowly proceed down the hallway still clutching my dog.

Dinning room clear.

I reach the end of the hallway and switch the kitchen light on.


Now all that’s left to check is the bathroom.

I switch the light on.

No one there.

But there is still behind the shower curtain to check.

Heart beating a mile a mintue, I try to pep talk myself and gear up the courage.

I rip the curtain back fully expecting to meet my maker.


Now, this is where most people breathe a sigh of relief.

Nope, not me.

I heard a noise.

Bianca heard it too.

It must be a ghost.

I high tail it back to my room with my dog, not even bothering to let her out to see if she has to pee.

She doesn’t mind.

In the safety of my room, the furry killer beast guards the door and I return to the safety of fluffy blankets.

I didn’t sleep much the rest of that morning.

I was convinced of a ghostly encounter.


I wholeheartedly believe in serendipity. I believe everything happens for a reason. I also believe the harder you try to force something it won’t work. The harder you try to fix something, it will break. I believe if we put faith in ourselves and abilities and let the universe unfold, good things happen and good things will come.

Plus, I’m a hopeless romantic. I love to believe a person will turn a corner and bump into their soul mate. They will look into each others eyes and sparks will fly. I’m corny like that.

Believing this is not always easy. Especially in the world we  live in today. The naive and trusting are taken advantage of. So much cruelty goes on in this world.

Yet still, i cling to the belief of serendipity. So my advice to you. Turn that corner. You never know what you may bump into.

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When I hear the word oneness I automatically think of peace and serenity. I think oneness is something we all subconsciously seek. I know personally, I finally understand that is what I’m seeking. I’m seeking a sense of oneness within myself. A sense of acceptance and love… from myself. I feel we all battle ourselves and our subconscious and half the battle is figuring out we’re in a fight with ourselves to begin with. As humans, I believe our lives are mostly reaching that point of satisfactions and  feeling of not waning or needing  anything. To achieve that sense of oneness with our spirit. I personally, long for the day my spirit and conscious mind are one and to embrace the feeling of peace and contentment.

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magic, magic trick, magician

Today’s prompt is “prestidigitation”. I  went straight to google to find it’s definition. Google defines prestidigitation as “magic tricks preformed for entertainment”. Well, I don’t know about you but, I don’t think I can even properly pronounce “prestidigitation” and I’m sure having a hard time keeping up with attempting to spell it correctly. So for today’s prompt, let just talk about Magic.


Ever since I was a child, magic appealed to me. I used to love magicians and illusionists.  I never had the capability to pull off any tricks. To be fair, I bought that beginners magician kit they used to sell in toy stores and that was extent of my training. I do love to see it though.

nature, mother nature, magic, magick, religion

As I grew older, Magic appealed to me in another form. Magick. Through Paganism and Wicca. While I was on my soul searching journey trying to figure out what it is I believe and what religion is me, I naturally landed on Wicca. I fell in love with the idea of rituals and the power of Magick. It’s not like the fairy-tales. It’s not like the magic in Harry Potter. No, it’s more your innate power and belief and spiritual connection with your soul and mother earth.

magic, magick , witch, religion, nature

I never stuck with that path. I ventured off to other avenues. But, it’s always been my fondest stepping stone on my spiritual journey. My journey is still ongoing. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll end up back in the wonderful circles of Wicca and Magick.

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Jan 22 – Felicity

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Today’s Prompt is “felicity”. Visit Linda’s blog for full lists of rules and participants.

Felicity is defined as intense happiness. What makes you intensely happy? I know for me nothing makes me more happy than coming home to my hubby and my dog. Love. Loving them. Them loving me. Being surrounded by love.  Those two are the only two in the world who could bring on an instant euphoric mood and state of felicity.

cozy, winter, fluffy , fuzzy, blanket, wonderland, comfortable , happy, peaceful, love
Besides them, I would have to say a nice cold winter day. I love the winter.  The heat makes me grumpy. I don’t like being hot. I don’t like being sweaty. I feel like i spend most of my summer days in the shower because I feel sticky and sweaty and i don’t like when i don’t feel fresh. I can’t sleep well all summer. I toss and turn. But a nice cold winter night? I wear everything fluff. Fluffy pj pants. A baggy nightshirt. Fluffy socks. I snuggle in my million pillows with my fluffy blanket. Maybe a hot cup of coco. And i’m out like a light. I sleep the whole night. I can honestly say I look forward to winter nights  where I can just snuggle with my dog and my hubby and then fall asleep in a pile of fuzzy fluffy blankets.



Then, there is snow. I love snow.  To me, there is just something majestic when it snows. Snow immediately unlocks my inner child and sense of wonder. I feel completely giddy when it starts to snow.  Especially at night, watching it snow out the window as everything is covered in a blanket of  pure fluff. It’s so serene and peaceful. The world seems so innocent and calm. When it snows,  nothing unlocks a state felicity more.


Jan 21 – Mittens

Today’s Prompt is “Mittens”.
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mittens, gloves, winter, cold, apparel

I want these!!

Funny, i hated mittens as a child. But, now as an adult, i would kill for a pair. I haven’t found one adult size that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Well, I haven’t looked too hard to be honest.

Gloves hinder my usage of my fingers. From cell phone using, to walking and doing things. I can’t even work my wallet with gloves on. I have to take the whole glove off during my morning commute to work to use my gadgets while on the train. Then to work my purse and wallet and cash while buying breakfast and coffee. Then who has time while trying to gather your items and purchases to re-glove when the next person is trying to order over your shoulder? It’s too hectic in the morning time, everyone in a rush for the commute to work.

So, i always end up glove-less.

But mittens? My whole hand does not have to freeze. I just flip it back and BOOM my fingers are there and i have usage of them. I can go about my routine while my hands stay partially warm. Then it’s so much easier to flip it back over when outside and on the go carrying morning coffee and breakfast. I no longer risk breaking a tooth trying to hold my breakfast bag with my teeth while I try to reapply my gloves.

I really want a pair of mittens.


I found myself alone , as he must of surreptitiously ran way… I don’t think the feelings were mutual.

( not sure if i  pulled off using ” surreptitiously ” correctly but I tried)

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Just Jot It January 20th – Surreptitiously

Jan 19 – Climate

Today’s prompt is “climate”. Please visit Linda’s page for the full list of participants for Just Jot It Jan.

Well, this climate sure has been something else that’s for sure. I’ll be honest, mother nature is sure scaring me.

The amount of heat we had this year. Our Fall was more like a Spring. Then, it was cold and we finally thought winter arrived. Then back to 70 degree weather.

I don’t even know how to dress anymore. It was freezing cold all week. Then yesterday I was dying of heat from wearing my winter jacket, a hoody would of been fine.

This morning it was raining.

Now, it’s snow flurries outside. The first real appearance of snow we had in tri-state NY.  That’s another thing. Winter started a month ago, but we barely experienced winter like weather. Last year we were knee deep in snow.8715807034e21e305ec39c290abd225b

I recall a few weeks ago, it was hot outside. Legitimately hot. I texted the hubby, like this is it, this is the end. This climate has lost it.

Jan 18th
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When I hear the word elegance I’m immediately vaulted back into time. I think of Victorian Era where ladies wore corsets and ridiculously puffy dresses. I think of how one aspired to be “lady-like” and presented themselves with proper manners and etiquette . When out at a ball you conducted yourself with grace and elegance.

I also think how fake all of it is.

And how oppressive.

While, the elegance and sense of grander is something that appeals to me. I love reading and watching movies in this time period.  Through my progressive lens, I just notice how stifling it all must of been.

Sometimes, i fantasize about living during this era. How nice it must of been to have men with a sense of honor and chivalry. To be courted.
dresses, elegance, victorian, vintage
Then, i think of my personality and I would of been an old maid, never married.

I am anything but elegant. Hell, I’m barely a girly girl.

I grew up playing in the dirt with the boys. I rode bikes and jumped fences. I had scraped knees and elbows. I was always dirty from outdoor play.

It’s safe to say , i didn’t play with barbies.

As a teenager, i did have a diva phase.  But that comes and goes. I’m always a jeans and tee shirt and sneakers type of gal. Hair haphazardly tossed up into a pony tail.

The last time i wore make up was Halloween. The last time i dressed up must of been over the summer. Everyday, i wear jeans and tee shirt ( sweaters now that it’s winter in my part of the world).

I’m just not that girly.
vintage, elegace , victorian era, proper, girly girl
I lounge when I sit. I don’t sit up straight. I speak my mind.

I have no elegance.

Sure, I can be professional and proper and have manners.  But, if i have choice?





Nope, not this lady.
ball, grand, masquerade, vintage