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This month’s blogging for Peace post is is a great one. Peace on the Go. Sometimes we need a quick quote or image or gesture to inspire us and pick us up. This month’s B4Peace Post is to provide a quick message of peace. You can check out all about Bloggers for Peace on Kozo’s page here and search B4Peace tags.

And since I can never do something simple, i have picked a few quotes that have been a favorite of mine over the years or simply resonates with me while doing this post. Enjoy!

Jimi Hendrix has always been a favorite of mine.

Jimi, peace, quotes,


Gandhi  another favorite of mine and he has some many enlightening quotes so i tried to picked my real favorites and not the popular ones.

John Lennon  has a quite a few I love ” Give Peace a Chance” and ” Imagine” are well-known token “peace” icons. But here are some others too.

I’m going to cheat a little bit. But it is in the name of fairness.

Matter’s Most is the Trend I decided to start as per contest rules( The Swift Expression Challenge final completion task was to start a trend on your own blog). SO, I started Matter’s Most to shine a spotlight on one follower who has been especially invested into my blog.

I did my first Matters Most post and then i hit the blogging slump and haven’t been blogging much.

So to be fair since i haven’t posted much  and therefore cannot ask of my follows to participate when I’m not producing work for them to fuss over, I’m going to pick one person ( for factual reasons) to represent the May, June, July and August. Hopefully, i stick to blogging and next month we have a better flow of interaction going with me commenting and reading your blogs and you all finding your way back onto mine.

Sounds fair?


So my nominee for Matters Most is

Katie from Discovering Different !

My love, i picked u because you have the patience of a saint when it comes to  my blog. You understand and never pester about my absence and when I randomly post a lame excuse for my absence you are ever gracious. Thank you for your persistent support and understanding! You rock!

Now you get to boss me around. Pick a topic for me to post about. Or whatever it is you want me to post. It could be anything. Q&A. Review something. Review a blog. Read a blog.  Anything at all. I shall do it.



Yesterday, my dear friend over on Swift Expression announced she is leaving blogging.  Of course, I will be sad to see her go. But, I am so thrilled for her! She is embarking on a new Life journey and pursuing her dream.

I just want to post a special entry for her to bid her fare well from Blogging while she focuses on her studies and courses.

Swift Expression is truly a wonderful person and her Blog was one like no other. Her blogging challenges were amazing, heart felt and gut wrenching. She has inspired us all .

Now it’s our turn to inspire her.

I’m not looking at this parting as a sad thing. Instead I look at this as  a new begining, a new begining for her.  Like a caterpillar shedding its cocoon.

I have no doubt Swift Expression will be the best and most beautiful butteryfly ever in existence. I look forward to her journey and she has my support.

Spread your wings my friend. I look forward to seeing you soar to new heights and horizons! I wish you all the best! In honor of Swift Expression and all of us here that she has personally inspired and motivation, I will be starting a Writing Prompt Series in the weeks to come.  She inspired us. Personally, she kept my blog alive.  Now, it’s our turn. Lets keep the spirit alive. With a new Writing Prompt Series I hope to envoke the same positivity and diversity and general FUN Swift Expression has brought to our lives and blogs. So while she is off line working on becoming even awesome-r then she already is, we can keep the spirit alive here on our blogs until she returns , if and whenever that may be.

So to Swift Expression, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and from the soul of my blog. I have no doubt that you will thrive and when you become a certificated therapist, I’ll be your first patient!

Fly Away.


Remember all those links on facebook and posts I have been posting for the past two weeks to vote for me? Vote for me in the second Swift Expression Blog challenge? Well, the vote is over and the results are in!

There was two winners.


and ME!

There was a tie and I”m more than happy someone else won too.
The prizes were …okay give me a second to figure out how to do that little L symbol thingy…. okay I don’t know how so I’m copying and pasting the symbol LOL

£10.00 was the prize for an electronic gift certificate or the equivalent in your currency. On top of that, the same amount will be donated to your choice of charity. Also, 10 shutter shock images.

Quite a load  right! And all this went to two of us.Tilda is very kind and generous!

I picked out the ten images and you will be seeing them in upcoming blog challenge posts! I chose to forfeit the gift certificate part, telling Tilda to either go out for tea with her husband and have a little quiet time or double up on the charity. Being so generous she doubled up on the charity AND round it up for an even USD amount. She even posted  pictures of the confirmation messages.

Now, the reason I’m writing this post is tell you not only the charity i choose but WHY.

I choose The Seattle Children’s Hospital.

You all know my fiancee has cancer. What you may or may not know is I have a cyber friend who lost her sister to cancer ( so young!) and that crushed my heart.  Children and illness is one of the most devastating things in the whole wide world to me. Sure, adults and loved ones suffering is heart breaking and painful and I don’t mean to belittle your grief. But, it’s so unfair when a child is sick from early on.

When my dad was hospitalized during his open heart surgery, I would have to cut through the children’s lobbyy/ wing of the hospital to go to his intensive care room. I’ve seen and met some of the most outstanding HAPPIEST children there. They were there, in hospital gowns and oxygen masks yet held the most joy I have ever seen.

Children with cancer especially are some of the most inspirational people I have ever met. I have witnessed what an adult goes through with cancer, how debilitating it can be. Yet a child goes through it to and still have the upbeat passion and positivity. They are an inspiration. They are fighters. They are strong.

I saw this video on youtube months ago and I was so in awe of the children in the video, I cried. No, really. I cried. Not an “awee” and my eyes got watery. I snot cried when watching it.

So, for these beautiful fighters, keep up the good fight. And too all the fighters out there in the world, I’m routing in your corner!

P.s. please do stop by Tilda’s Blog, Swift Expression and check out the blog challenge. The new challenge series is called The Trendsetter and there is no more votes or polls, just solely a bunch of doing these amazing writing and exchanging and even arts and crafts! Join in on the fun !


Hello my dear friends and followers. I have started the NEW blog challenge by Swift Expression. However, I wanted to give you a gentle reminder the previous one still needs to be completed.

Please go here and vote for me. Or, if someone else and their input for the challenge resonated with you more then by all means vote for them! Just please take the few seconds to click over and vote. If you can, drop a line as a comment to say who you are supporting so we can thank you properly.

www-tfaswift-wordpressThese challenges are just that a Challenge. It’s fun and scary at the same time. It’s different. It takes honesty and time to write them. Some people pour their heart across the page. It has formed a little community of support and I feel privileged to have shared with others and be included in their sharing. Please do take a minute to go vote.

I will owe  you one 😉

vday letter

Just  a quick post to wish every one a very happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you all for your support and continued interest in my ramblings.  Your views, likes , subscriptions and comments mean the world to me, every single day not just on today. But, I’m a sucker for gloried days of approved mushiness…an excuse to be extra bubbly and huggly.   🙂  So here is a great big hug from ME. I hope you all enjoy your day, even if today is simply another Thursday for you. THANK YOU and much love and serenity and peace to you all 😉

Happy Valentines Day