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Stay tuned

Posted: June 15, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I’m a bit behind on the blogging challenge.


  I hope to catch up tomorrow.  I.o.u day 15 (yesterday’s) and day 16 (today’s). Things are a little hectic at home with my dad being in the hospital.


I haven’t a clue of what to post. So, fair warning, this is a random post.

So, work has been heating up. My department, is technically no longer a department. However, 3 of the original team remains and we run and maintain it like a department. This means, there is one person at a time in Levi’s.  It sounds like it’s efficient right? Well, hardly. Two of us are doing the work a 8 person team could barely maintain. ( One person works closing so there is no real work getting done, just orderliness which is a big thing, not to be degraded)  Any day, at any given time, you can find me trying to redo a section, fill in, restock, size, re fold, fix the floor plan, manage the back stock/stock room. Alongside maintaining the fitting room, emptying it out, putting away the clothing customers leave tossed all over the floor. But, customers first. I greet and assist every customer.  It doesn’t end there. I help the neighboring section and have to help line bust/cashier and I have to help cover their lunches and breaks. Yet, when I go on lunch or break or cover for them my area is unattended and it makes for a bigger mess and more hassle when I return. Most days I dread to even take a lunch  break.  Majority of the store also has their own replenishment team. That team takes the stock out of the stock room, off the trucks, and puts it out on the floor. They don’t do that for Levi’s. I do it of course.

customer service, retail, stock


So just combine all of that together and that is my work day. It’s alot of work and I”m always running around like a chicken with its head cut off while the rest of the store are walking around all la de fucking da folding the same shirt for ten minutes.

Plus, the store is getting pretty busy with the holidays ( mothers day and fathers day and summer shopping). Kids are almost done with school and going on summer break. So that’s an added stress. Some school kids tagged up my fitting room. In big bright red spray paint.

Most days, I don’t mind. I love my department that isn’t really a department anymore. I love that Levi’s jean is MY area. When things are good, I can tell you where that one jean, the last size left, is and retrieve it for you in under 30 seconds. When i get new markdowns, i often don’t even need the invoice i can just lap the floor and grab the items on the list and price them. I love being in charge of everything and I love people come to me for everything. I love the independence and I love the compliments. I even love my regular customers, even the wacky ones.

I get a customer that comes in ever two months or so. He likes to buy 501 , any color, any size.  The catch? They cannot be made in Egypt or any middle eastern country. Why? Because he’s from there and he sells them for double, triple the price.

How do you tell where they are made? The little white tag inside the jeans. Yeah, I was not sitting there emptying my shelves reading little tags for this guy in the middle of a work day. Sometimes when I get a new shipment, tags are often sticking out when fresh off the truck so i skim through them and if i notice the country of origin is different I may place it aside and keep a special pile in the back stock of the shelves. But, that doesn’t last long, piles get messed up daily

I get a lady that wants black 501 jeans size 38 waist and 36 length. But she wants it with a black Levi’s logo leather patch ( opposed to the regular tan color).  Levi’s typically only have the black patch when its a special edition or if there are two similar models for the same style. I cannot custom make the jeans.

I got a new visual display. Some random model in a decked out in Levis gear, a demin jacket and distressed jeans. I noticed the picture display right away and immediately complained. We do not sell those items in the picture and I knew customers would ask me for those  items.  Not much we can do about it though so I was left with customers whining for those items all day.

Overall, work is very fulfilling for me. Everyday is an adventure. I like being relied upon and looked to for assistance and help.

Because of the whole Levi’s not being a department debacle I work almost exclusively morning/opening shifts. I work one day, not quite  a closing shift, a late mid shift where I get out at 8 or 830 or so.

They just need to have me there to get the work done. I did get an increase in hours, bout 30 hours a week. My supervisor is trying to push for me to be full time.


Alot of working retail is simply politics and poor management. My store, specifically, has people that work there for years and years. However, the word work is used liberally. So many people put in limited availability and the store honors it.  The store needs to clean house. If you are not pulling your weight , it’s not fair to others. I would say a good 70% of the store bullshit most of of their shift and the rest of the 30% work twice, three times as hard. You have so many people that work there and no one when you need them most. Some mornings I open, its literally one person per quad. That’s three people. Then at closing you have 6 or 7 people for each quad? It makes no damn sense.  For fucks sake, on fathers day? I had to ask to work. Why in the world would i, an associate in the men’s department, have to ASK to work for fathers day?  That is a day where every associate you have should be scheduled to work and to work extra. They didn’t even schedule a MEN’S supervisor for the closing shift. If that’s not whacked, I don’t know what is.

Anywho, that’s my ramble. Oh and some stroke of luck. My mother haggled her insurance and they said they can keep me on until the end of the billing cycle which is January! So, I have health insurance for now. I’m free to be sick. Yay!

Hey ya’ll!

Sorry I have been quiet as of late. I have been working a few extra days. I’m only up to 25 hours a week but it’s retail so it usually late night hours which means sleeping in a bit and then waking up to shower and eat and walk and feed the dog before i head back to work. So, by time i hobble in around midnight I don’t have the mental energy to sit down and write.

But, i won’t let my blog die. I will update on my next set of days off. I owe you guys two “Bloggers for Peace” posts. And my May “Matters Most” post. And a  general  overall update.

So please be patient with me. I will go around to your blogs as well and get caught up on your ramblings as well.

I miss you all.Drop me a line in the comments! I miss hearing from you all!

Talk to you all soon!


WordPress Family

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Y’all are my cyber family. If you didn’t know, now you do. I take every single blog I follow seriously. I don’t arbitrarily follow a blog. And i don’t automatically follow you if you like or comment on my blog. I WILL go over to your blog, read it, and like or comment on a post – again not arbitrarily. My feedback is genuine but its also very thorough.

So i haven’t had time to do it since i started my seasonal job.   Yes, I’m only part time but as a temp/newbie we get the odd hours. Been working mostly closing ( late nights) but they do things like have you work closing one night then opening the next day. Throw in commuting time and it’s a job where appearance prep is involved ( shower, hair, makeup). There is only so many hours in a day.

I have been neglecting the new additions to my wordpress family but not on purpose and it’s not my usual style! Firstly, I’ve been getting SO many spam comments, i only published a hand few of them. Its so hard to tell who is real and who is spam or an advertising blog aka not real. So if your one of those spam comments i read and your reading this and you are in fact real, please drop me a line to let me know.

I don’t want any new followers to think that’s how i treat my cyber family( with neglect).  I’m sorry folks, that’s not me. But since I actually pop over and READ what you are writing, undivided attention and all,  I haven’t had the time to do so.  But today, i went through MY followers and my likes and comments on both my blogs and popped over to your pages and followed you back if you followed me days( weeks) ago. Sorry it’s taken me awhile. But i chucked my old process of meticulously going through a persons blog reading as many entries as far back as i can get before i follow. I clicked around and read a few but i decided if you took the time of day for me than i can do the same for you. So i followed you all back after a quick pop over. I don’t like the lack of WP time i have. Just know everyday when i come home from work I check my reader. I read if I can, but i mostly skim and get a gist of what the blog is talking about. And on my days off I go BACK and make my rounds to your past blogs to reread everything and thoroughly. I read them all even  if it may take me a few days! If i don’t like or comment, sorry. I try too. I almost always do. And when i do leave feedback, I try my best to make it personal.  My previous followers, and now you new followers please be assured that I honestly take interest and time to be there for your cyber tellings

Cause like i said ya’ll are my family.

What I’m really trying to say is if your reading this in your reader, then you are in MY reader. Which means i read your blogs thoroughly. Every entry. And i take it all personal. I emphasize and look forward to each lovely blog i read. Even though I haven’t been updating much… you all are. I worry and wonder about my WP friends in my very real life.

So today it’s with great grief to learn about the untimely death of a lovely young lady I followed here on WP. I thought about it and to respect the mourning space of her blog and her family and friends I have not linked it.  (Please don’t go looking through my blog roll for it either. You wont find her in the comments and I’ve never shared her page in a past blog entry)

This young lady,  i found her blog and followed her when i started my diet blog and it’s been a surreal experience just reading her story ( as it has been with other blogs I follow too). She was diagnosed with a rare type cancer and suffered many trials and tribulations yet, from reading her words, she had a fiery spirit with unyielding happiness and positivity .  I literally had very little communication with her, she would post her blogs and that was that, very rarely comment back to anyone. But still, i felt connected following this very real person for all this very real time like i do with all the blogs in my reader. If you are touched and grieved please feel free to take a moment to send her family and friends consoling thoughts or prayers, they would appreciate it very much.

Since my blogging family is on my mind, I think I’m finally going through with this. I started to write this letter and then stopped so many times i lost count.  A blogger here on wordpress has a challenge going on. This is the link to her blog and all credit and acknowledgement goes here.

This particular challenge is called “ A Letter To a Ghost”
The challenge is simply to write a letter to someone that is gone from your life. They dont have to be deceased. It’s up to your interpretation.

Dear my former blogging sister,

I remember when we first found each other here in cyber space, opposite sides of the real world. I thought I was wasting my time blogging into nothingness and you were brand new with you own blog. Once we followed each other i knew every post i had you would pop over and read it and comment in length and I looked forward to your daily blogs. I can’t remember the last time i bonded with someone over cyberspace. And we were such like minded! I would always anticipate your blogs and eagerly comment and welcome your comments knowing it would be honest and true.

Then things started to change in my real world life. My world was flipping upside down and I was trying so hard to put it back right side up and wordpress really became my solace, my place of peace to get lost in not only your stories but everyone else i follow. Then i finally got the job. With that came so much anxiety and fear… and worry … for the unknown.. with concern about my dad and fiance and doggie being left home alone. It was all consuming. Then, Hurricane Sandy hit and that really knocked me on my but with the travesty i witnessed in neighboring towns and to family.  Before i knew it i was swept up in hostess role , my household becoming a refugee center for family with 6 additions of people plus animals.

While chatting with you about needing a release with my writing but cannot write freely cause of the possibility family might be reading… that’s when it happened. You were urging me, offering to make me new blog and all, to write freely.

Then before i knew it you were telling me things change and this was goodbye.

I was scratching my head for weeks wondering what i did.But, you wanted me to write uninhabited and not hold back and so I am. To you.

I was hurt. I shed actual tears.  I spent so much time and effort into your sharings. My poured my soul into faithfully   supporting your blog and thoughts.

I still am hurt.

I tried to think if i said something, or did something or missed something and the only conclusion i can make is you misunderstood my hesitance about starting a new blog. I was so very touched about your offer for a new blog, but i didn’t know with all the uncertainty in my life, especially with that of being hired for a new job. I didn’t know anything.  That’s all i meant. I wasn’t rejecting your concern or dismissing your help. I said thank you didn’t i? I said i appreciate you and your support very much didn’t i?

So now its been nearly a month and the hurt isn’t gone, but the wound is scabbed over now. I admit there is anger too. Where you angry that day and  I was the target? I guess lack of communication about it is what really drives me crazy…adding more uncertainty to my thoughts.

I haven’t searched through new blogs  , browsed through tags, since this happened. I didn’t want to get attached to anyone else again to have it ripped away, again.  I live everyday  with fear in the back of mind and heart  that my hubby will be ripped away from me due to his cancer.

As you know, i try to live my life with nothing but happiness and positivity. WordPress has now become a integral part of that. Yet now when i log into wordpress and see your posts it just weighs heavy on me.  I tried to ignore them at first. So many times i wanted to respond to a post and i had to ex the screen out cause i knew my reply would not be welcomed. I emailed and asked if you wished for me to unfollow your blog and never received an answer. I hovered over the unfollow bottom countless times. But, I could never click the unfollow button.

But you have said goodbye, so now it is time for my goodbye.

I thank you for the commitment to my blog and your support and advice. There were days when life was tough and your feedback or conversation or even just getting lost in your long blog posts really saved me from going mad.

I do not know why we stopped being blogging sisters.

But i guess it really doesn’t matter now does it? It’s gone , erased, into infinite cyber space.

With my best regards and love