Human Kind ( B4Peace July)

Excerpt taken directly from Kozo’s page for June’s B4Peace Challenge:
For this month’s peace challenge, I encourage you to write a letter for peace and send it out into the Universe. You may not get an answer, but you will make a difference. Here are some suggestions.
Write a letter to a person in power, past or present. Let them know what you feel about the state of the world under their control. Here is a great example from a teenage girl in Pakistan: People Aren’t Made For Slaughter. Cattle Are..
Write a letter to God, the Universe, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, or any other spiritual leader. One of my favorite books is Conversations with God, which consists of a series of letters to and from God. Feel free to have your spiritual leader answer your letter.
Write an epistolary story that explores peace.
Write a letter you would like to receive from peace.
Post a photo, video, story, or piece of art that explores the intersection of writing and peace.
Do a stream of conscious letter to anyone. Rant, scream, cry, and/or swear for peace. This might be best done with a pen and transcribed or scanned into your post.
Since this challenge is about letters and peace, anything you do will meet the challenge.

I am choosing to do a stream of conscious letter.

Dear Universe,


Assholes live forever. If you want live a long time, become an asshole. I’ve heard those lines from various outlets at different intervals. And the bell of truth is always left echoing in my ear.
I’m my little corner of the universe I have witness ( and experienced myself) countless hardships. Good people suffering seemingly for no reason and irregardless of their hard work and attempts to do better. That is one thing that always makes me bitter. Why do innocent people have to have such a hard time.

Sometimes that makes it hard to care. When you have rich people pampered and everything handled on a silver platter and totally ungrateful. Meanwhile you have children going hungry on the streets. Children forced into lives of crime and abuse.

Then we have media that is a big fat instigator. Media distorts everything.

Ok before i say this next part here is my little disclaimer. I’m not a racist. I know discrimination happens…often.  But,I don’t get the constant racial wars going on. Black vs white. Because when I find out about things I don’t automatically classify people according to the color of their skin. So why do you do it yourself? Why bring race into it at all.  Why isn’t it person did this to that person?If i’m watching the news and they say a girl a was raped. I relay that news a girl was raped. I don’t care if she was white or black or orange. I don’t care what color the rapist is. That girl is forever traumatized. She can never un- experience the assault she just went through. What does color or nationality have to do with anything? A girl was attacked and is suffering and her attacker doesn’t deserve to walk way from hurting another human being.  What color their skin is should have no value whats so ever to the situation.With the whole Trayvon Martin case. It was this whole big case about a “white man” killing a “black “child. Whatever side you take, that’s your opinion. Personally I viewed the case as this. A man shot a child. There was no black or white. And the whole big race thing was blown all over social media. It just made me furious. Why couldn’t people see this as a basic human rights situation. One person shot and killed another person. What the hell does anything else matter?

I’m not expressing this very well. I’m just saying. Why is everyone’s first extinct to classify and categorize and compare.  I see people as people. We are all humans.

It shouldn’t matter the color we bear or the sex we choose to represent or date. We are all human beings.

I see people as my fellow human kind.

I think if everyone wants to focus on color then they should focus on the color ruining our basic human substance . The color of green. Money.

Because, sadly, what it comes down to  how well one can live life is how much money they can make to sustain themselves and their loved ones. I’m sorry to sound all socialist but it’s unfair and in my mind un-human for one to have so much while another has so little.

It’s just so hard for me to see a peaceful world when we classified and subjugated ourselves. We marginalize ourselves with this mentality. We all need to rise above it all. We all need to realize we are all human. We all have emotions and needs. We all desire to be happy and not have to fight tooth and nail every single day.

We all deserve Peace.

And the only way to get that if is we all start viewing and ACTING like equals.

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