Hell Of a Ride ( Conclusion)

12. Compulsory for all of the Awards. Answer this question LAST. In no less than 300 words, describe your overall experience of this Challenge. You must write about Your thoughts and emotions both before and after completing the Challenge.

This post is in response to the Blog Challenge by Tilda Swift at her blog, Swift Expression. It is my entry for number 12.If any of my readers derives inspiration from this post and would like to do something similar on their own blog, please provide full credit to the owner of the original Blog Challenge (as stated above) to abide by copyright laws.

Wow!  This challenge has been a hell of a ride!


It’s been quite the roller coaster!

This is by far the best challenge/interactive questions I have ever part took in. 12 part challenge! At times it felt plain intimidating. I mean common, 12 parts!  At times it did feel daunting, like I would never be able to answer all the questions and finish. I would post two challenge posts at the same time yet there was always so many more to tackle. But, I kept going. Then as I posted more it became exciting. I was doing it! Answering questions I had NO idea how I was going to answer. Taking me places I had no idea I was going to go. Then the scales tipped and I completed more than was left. Only 4 more to go! 3 more! Two more! Then… there was no more.  I did it. I did them all.

Now, I’m left feeling a little desolate.  What do i post on my blog after this? There is no more parts! Am i going to have to post stuff solely off my own devices?  Like my feelings and stuff?

Some parts were fun. Like Fire Love Affair. I got to be inventive, creative and playful just like the dance of  a fire’s flame.

Some parts were a little serious like Magical Path giving s a lesson on how to be open . To experience something objectively without judgement and present it in a scholarly way . I put my former college skills to work enabling me to stretch my mind and write like a school paper. Doing this also allowed me to open my heart and mind to different beliefs without any predispositions.

Some parts were sad, allowing me to be open and honest like Alone and explore my fears and feelings.

Some parts were silly.

Some parts were just emotional.

All of the challenge questions I thought I had no idea what I was going to write about and I felt like my answers would suck. But , i just wrote and in the end i felt emotions I’ve kept bottled up. I was honest ( to myself) about my fears. I’ve learned stuff about my character ( like I’m a good person).

It’s been a roller coaster. Fast and wild. Exhilarating and scary.

A hell of a ride.

A ride I’ll definitely get on again.

Author’s note: I had to give ya’ll an “i owe you” for question number 4, arts and crafts. Writing challenges are easy to find the time for, I can squeeze in bits of writing here and there like I’m writing this in my notebook while having coffee before my shift starts  and I will type it up later.  But arts and crafts need a solid block of time, not blocks of spare minutes. My grandpa unexpectedly ended up in the hospital. He had a pacemaker put in Thursday. But he is 92 years old so he is still in intensive care.  Because of his age his recoup is longer and harder.  Much of my time is dedicated to hospital runs.  Of course the nurses are required to help my grandpa but he needs help with basic needs right now ( feeding, bathroom using the bed pan) and it’s just better to be there to assist him instead of having an over worked nurse running in and out of his room. Love the nurses , i understand they have alot of patients but it just annoys me when they put the patient on the bed pan and leave and come back like ten minutes later “how are you”.  Umm better if I wasn’t laying in shit lady.  Anyway, don’t mean to rant. So, I will do the arts and crafts part, I have to , it’s nagging me. It’s incomplete. I will do it.  But for now, I.O.U


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