Magical Path

This post is in response to the Blog Challenge by Tilda Swift at her blog, Swift Expression. It is my entry for number  8.

If any of my readers derives inspiration from this post and would like to do something similar on their own blog, please provide full credit to the owner of the original Blog Challenge (as stated above) to abide by copyright laws.
The Challenge
Read these two posts – Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path. Do not discriminate against the blog owner or leave any negative feedback. This blog is about Satanism. Reader discretion is advised.

Next –

  • Choose which path you follow and explain why. If you are unsure, choose the one which best describes you. And then,
  • You must defend someone who lives according to the other path. You have to explain what benefits that path has to offer. If you don’t find something positive in their chosen path, which is so contrary to your own, the consequences to all concerned will be devastating

Part One
I will not recap what The Left Hand Path and The Right Hand Path is. Cassie does a wonderful job of analyzing and discussing both paths objectively and she deserves the credit for the knowledge she has provided. Please read her posts for reference and be respectful if those beliefs differ from yours.  However, I will provide a quote from The Right Hand Path article she wrote because it’s the basis of my choice.

“The truth is that magic itself is not really black or white. It is best viewed as a tool that can be used for good or ill depending on the intention and personality of the practitioner. Doctors sometimes use poisons and dangerous radiation therapy to cure people. Those same things could just as easily be used to kill people. Skill and intention are always key.

Where there may be a significant difference is that those of us on the Left Hand Path, generally don’t subscribe to religious moral codes about what we will or won’t use our magic for. We don’t promise to harm none, we don’t state that we won’t use magic in revenge or to further our own needs. Of course that does not mean that we devote all our time to magically doing all the things that would be forbidden anywhere else. It simply means that we live by our own moral judgments and we take the responsibility and consequences for what we do. And that in essence is it…

Those on the Right Hand Path live their lives and do what they do based on their trust of other people’s rules. Those on the Left Hand Path live and do as they judge best. There are good and bad people in both camps.”

I wholeheartedly believe what this quote depicts. I believe magic is just magic. It is neither good nor evil. It is just power. It is knowledge.  Our intention, our will, our true desire is what defines that power.  Plus, like Cassie says, I don’t believe things are so black and white, good and evil. I believe in circumstance. I believe in reasoning. Most importantly, I believe in choices.  I believe the actions we take ultimately determine our will, our power. Without that choice, without those actions, then what are we? I believe in the power of choice.
It is for that reason I believe I would follow The Left Hand Path.

I believe The Left Hand Path provides you with choices. You have the freedom to explore and discover. Most of all, you claim full responsibility for all your actions and choices. You follow your own morale code and judgment, and hold yourself accountable. You do not live according to arbitrary entities and guidelines and give power to some entity other than yourself.  If it is something dark you wish to procure, you do so fully aware and it is your choice and all, if any, consequences are your accountability. But, I do not equate dark with evil. Like I said, it’s all about intent.

Also, a piece of the quote above “We don’t promise to harm none, we don’t state that we won’t use magic in revenge or to further our own needs.´” I believe everything we do is to further our own needs. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. I feel the Left Hand Path acknowledges that. Even if say for example you are doing something to further your health and relief from a sickness or alignment, that still is working to further one’s own needs. The Right Hand Path doesn’t understand that no matter your good intention, that still is working to further your own needs. The Left Hand Path acknowledges “yes I am doing this for myself and that’s not always a bad thing”.

Also, like Cassie says sometimes dark is needed. Like the Cancer example. Chemo is a poison. It is needed to kill the cancer.  Hopefully, just hopefully, it doesn’t kill the person too. But it is dark. Used in a light way.  That is why I do not equate dark as evil.  There has to be a balance, I won’t say in the world though, that would be nice. But, within one’s self you have to have a balance for personal spiritual happiness and you have to work with both the light and dark within one’s self. The dark can be a strength or a weakness if untamed and similarly the light within yourself can be a strength or weakness when untamed as well. But if you learn yourself and about your dark AND light attributes… combined and with balance they can work in harmony together.

But, I believe to do so you have to be ready to explore. Not have blind faith. Judgments. Restrictions.   You have to be willing to venture into both light and dark. You have to make choices. Make mistakes. Learn. Grow.

I feel The Left Hand Path is a place for personal exploration and growth.  I believe in choices and for that I would choose The Left Hand Path.

Part 2

Dear Friends,
I urge you to accept those of The Right Hand Path.  We believe in freedom. That is a double sided coin. If we want freedom to practice and believe and seek out answers without restrictions we cannot place the judgment on others who do not live like we do.  You all know I believe in balance. I believe in choices.

We need them. We need them for balance. We need  them and their faith. Most of you laugh at them and their faith in something intangible. But, back in the old ages we all would have been burned at the stake.

We are not so different.

And their faith is imperative to our freedom.
It is imperative for the world.

Do not underestimate the power of faith. To believe is something so grand and adamantly so is a very noble and powerful thing. Despite all the mocking, they stand strong and wish you well. Imagine a world without that? Without all that power?

It will be the end of us all.

Respect them. Accept them. We do not have to abide by their rules but certainly  should acknowledge the power of faith, all the power and energy they put out into the world.

The hope they inspire.

Without that power, that hope, the world would shrivel up and become desolate.

I just want to say friends of a different path that I respect your choice. I respect your faith. I do not judge you and I acknowledge how you keep the balance even.  For that, I thank you. No matter which path you take, I hope your chosen path takes you where you seek.

* Author’s note. I just want to express I have wrote this as a Blog Challenge. I have read only the two articles about this subject manner. I am no expert nor do I pretend to be knowledgeable. This is written as a creative challenge and if I have written anything out of context or true to nature it is not my intent. I do not mean to misinform or misrepresent. This is just my viewpoint from reading the two articles for this creative challenge. I understand your beliefs are sensitive and this is not to make a mockery to your belief system or misrepresent them.

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