Rocker Children ( B4Peace April)

forpeace6I have major catching up to with B4Peace  Monthly’s Posts.  Anyone unfamiliar with B4 Peace Posts , in short it’s a dedication post once a month to peace.  You can follow Kozo to join in the Bloggers For Peace and post a B4 Peace post  according to the theme of the month.

THis is the April B4 Peace topic copied directly from Kozo’s page  

This month’s peace challenge will focus on children.

Publish a post on how to teach children peace. How do we raise children to be peaceful? What do children need to know about peace? How do we teach them what peace means?
Post a children’s story or poem that teaches peace.
Relate a story or experience with children that brings/brought you peace.
Post a peaceful photo or piece of art for/about/featuring children. I like to imagine what photo or piece of art we could put in every child’s room that will create peace
Post anything about the intersection of children and peace.

The other day, I was having a lazy day with the hubby. It was that weird time of day when it’s just after morning talk shows but still too early for afternoon talk shows. So the hubby goes to the music channel and puts on a concert. It was Red Hot Chilli Peppers playing and after watching them play a song a two it started to dawned on me that they were getting old. They are older. I started thinking of all the great rock bands I love, Metallica for example. And I realized alot of them are in their 50’s already. I will outlive the greats.

In thinking about that I started to think about the future. Who will take over the real rock genre? What new bands are there currently? With classic soulful playing yet bad ass drum sets and ear splitting guitar riffs and lyrics that cry to your soul? In this horror moment, i realize we don’t have , currently at-least, new young rock bands that measure up to the kind of music in place. It is highly likely that if i have kids they will never go to a rock concert like I went too. They will never hear true die hard rock music.

I will only have old cd’s to play for them similarly to how my dad only had old records to play for me of his oldies. Most likely my kids will say the same thing ” That’s old people music, if you can even call it music.”

That’s the role children play in today’s world. We will become outdated and replaced. However, the children are left behind. It is up to us WHAT kind of characters we leave behind.

We can sit back and let the world shape our children. We can let the media raise them and pop culture tell them what’s good and what’s “cool”. Or we can step up and lead by example. We can teach and instill our children. We give them room to explore and grow but stay stead fast by their side with encouragement and even disciple when needed.

We teach our children how to rock.

Otherwise, all that matters will be washed out with the test of time.

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