Mother Nature

Posted: October 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I will not be tagging this post. I don’t believe I made this blog public yet either. But, this is your advisory.  Mature (sexual) theme ahead.

Not only did i write a poem( it’s  been over a year since i have last written a poem), i wrote a sexy sexy poem. Which isnt even my normal genre for when i DO write poetry.  So, all i have to say is this : Oh yeahhhhh.

Mother Nature

I want to be pounded
into the earth
next to the ol’ oak tree

Grass blades flattened
permanently disrupted
outline of our intertwined bodies
until the blades wither again and again and all that remains
is green grain
yet still
pounding and pounding
and skin becomes dyed green

and than
pounded further
until the grass gives way
and we touch
nature in the raw.
thrusting deeper
sinking deeper
into mother nature
each other
And dirt invades
my crack

Pounding still

Until you spew
all over me
And we lay and bask
in mother nature
and all her glory.


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