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Day 11: Put your ipod on shuffle, write down the first ten songs.
1) Song:  This is My War
Album: Got your Six
Artist : Five Finger Dear Punch
(no video)
2)Song:  Rude
Album: Don’t kill the Magic
Artist : Magic

3)Song: Bodies
Album: Sinner
Artist : Drowning Pool

4) Song:  Tempted to touch
Album: Dancehall reggae throwback compilation
Artist : Beres Hammond and Cutty Ranks

5)Song: Poison
Album:  Poison
Artist :  Bell Biv Devoe

6)Song:  The Sound of Silence
Album: Immortalized
Artist : Disturbed

7) Song:  Turn So Cold
Album: Drowning Pool
Artist : Drowning Pool

8) Song:  I Apologize
Album: Got Your Six
Artist : Five Finger Death Punch
(No video)

9)Song:  Ghetto Supastar
Album: Ghetto Supastar
Artist : Pras featuring Old Dirty Bastard and Mya

10) Song:  The Eye of the Storm
Album: Immortalized
Artist : Disturbed

All week, I kept seeing this post pop up in my news feed on facebook.

After a blogging friend Cheri part took in answering this, i decided i wanted to answer as well. Plus, I’m curious about you all and your first experience. In the comments or on your own blogs, I would like to know. What was your first concert?


My first concert was… embarrassing to admit. Okay, I’m just going to say it. I was a boy band groupie. N’sync was my first Boy Band obsession. I was still on the young side so I didn’t get to go stalk follow them around. However, B2k came around and I was obsessed. Best part? So was my cousin. We went to every single free concert they performed all over NYC. We left 5am in the morning and froze our butts off all morning to get a front row spot all for a one or two song performance.

I remember one epic concert in front of some news station , my cousin and I stood for hours for a two song performance. The tour bus pulled up right by the stage and the boy band entered the bus. In a mass horde we all started screaming and chasing the bus. Yes, chasing the tour bus. As the bus turned the faithful corner our screams immediately changed into cries of disappointment and sorrow. Then, a beacon of light appeared at the corner. A random guy at the corner started screaming and pointing

“Red light! Red light!”

The screams erupted and we all started running again.

So yes folks, my first concert experiences were that of a boy band groupie.

However, I will never admit to this. When people ask what my first concert was i readily tell them:

Five Finger Death Punch.

Five finger death punch, 5fdp, ffdp, rock band, rock, metal


The hubby and I discovered this band together in the very beginning of our relationship. The song came on headbangers ball ( remember that show?!) and the hubby instantly recognized the lead singer from his previous band. We stopped and stared at the music video and when it was over, we got the album immediately. To this day, when I take the hubby’s ipod ( mine is broken) I always, always end up playing a loop of Five Finger songs.

For one of our anniversaries we went to a five finger concert. They are rarely in NY and when they are it’s usually around a time we cannot afford tickets.  So,  when we finally scored tickets, i ditched my college classes for the day and spent the entire late morning/afternoon pre-gaming.

In typical rock concert fashion, we had to stand through three shitty bands before 5fdp took stage. But, when they did, It was worth it all.
To me, that will always be my first REAL concert experience.


What was your first concert experience?

forpeace6A song for Peace, July’s B4Peace Post Challenge. This is more of a poem than a song. My message is there cannot be peace without love.

Loveless Peace

Take my crown
King means nothing
to me now
You can be my heir
cause I won’t rule
when love isn’t near
Peace can’t exist
without love here

I can’t

So take my crown
it means nothing to me now
nothing to me now

I can’t endure no more
take no more
Watch no more
without love here

I can’t be brave
Pave  the way
lead an army
keep my people out of harm’s way

I can’t

Take my crown
King means nothing
to me now
You can be my heir
cause I won’t rule
when love isn’t near
Peace can’t exist
without love here

I can’t

So take my crown
it means nothing to me now
nothing to me now

The only one who can calm my inner qualms
My hearts true desire
The only one who can quiet the passing storms.


the only one who makes me steady
picks me up when I am down
gives me strength to go on
The only one who makes me see
rising across the horizon over the sea


Without love  the war rages on.
There is no point in fighting
for peace.
without love
it cannot exist

The fight is worthless
happiness cannot happen
Peace cannot take place
When  love isn’t there
to cleanse the field
for a new horizon.

So take my crown
it means nothing to me now
nothing to me now
I can’t endure no more
take no more
Watch no more
without love here

I can’t be brave
Pave  the way
lead an army
keep my people out of harm’s way

I can’t

So take my crown
it means nothing to me now
nothing to me now

forpeace6I have major catching up to with B4Peace  Monthly’s Posts.  Anyone unfamiliar with B4 Peace Posts , in short it’s a dedication post once a month to peace.  You can follow Kozo to join in the Bloggers For Peace and post a B4 Peace post  according to the theme of the month.

THis is the April B4 Peace topic copied directly from Kozo’s page  

This month’s peace challenge will focus on children.

Publish a post on how to teach children peace. How do we raise children to be peaceful? What do children need to know about peace? How do we teach them what peace means?
Post a children’s story or poem that teaches peace.
Relate a story or experience with children that brings/brought you peace.
Post a peaceful photo or piece of art for/about/featuring children. I like to imagine what photo or piece of art we could put in every child’s room that will create peace
Post anything about the intersection of children and peace.

The other day, I was having a lazy day with the hubby. It was that weird time of day when it’s just after morning talk shows but still too early for afternoon talk shows. So the hubby goes to the music channel and puts on a concert. It was Red Hot Chilli Peppers playing and after watching them play a song a two it started to dawned on me that they were getting old. They are older. I started thinking of all the great rock bands I love, Metallica for example. And I realized alot of them are in their 50’s already. I will outlive the greats.

In thinking about that I started to think about the future. Who will take over the real rock genre? What new bands are there currently? With classic soulful playing yet bad ass drum sets and ear splitting guitar riffs and lyrics that cry to your soul? In this horror moment, i realize we don’t have , currently at-least, new young rock bands that measure up to the kind of music in place. It is highly likely that if i have kids they will never go to a rock concert like I went too. They will never hear true die hard rock music.

I will only have old cd’s to play for them similarly to how my dad only had old records to play for me of his oldies. Most likely my kids will say the same thing ” That’s old people music, if you can even call it music.”

That’s the role children play in today’s world. We will become outdated and replaced. However, the children are left behind. It is up to us WHAT kind of characters we leave behind.

We can sit back and let the world shape our children. We can let the media raise them and pop culture tell them what’s good and what’s “cool”. Or we can step up and lead by example. We can teach and instill our children. We give them room to explore and grow but stay stead fast by their side with encouragement and even disciple when needed.

We teach our children how to rock.

Otherwise, all that matters will be washed out with the test of time.

“I’m waking up, I feel it in my bones
Enough to make my systems blow
Welcome to the new age, to the new age
Welcome to the new age, to the new age”
Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Runaway Train-Soul Asylum

This post is in response to the Blog Challenge by Tilda Swift at her blog, Swift Expression. It is my entry for number  9 .If any of my readers derives inspiration from this post and would like to do something similar on their own blog, please provide full credit to the owner of the original Blog Challenge (as stated above) to abide by copyright laws.

The Challenge:
9. There is a song called “Runaway Train” by Soul Asylum. You can listen to the song if you like, but it isn’t necessary. If you like, you may watch the video (with lyrics) below and choose any other lyrics from the same song instead. The objective is to focus on the lyrics, and not whether or not you like the song.Write about what those lyrics mean to you, and whether you have ever identified with them now or in the past.

Lyric Set 1

“Call you up in the middle of the night
Like a firefly without a light
You were there like a slow torch burning
I was a key that could use a little turning”

This first set of lyric sticks with me. Maybe because it’s so aesthetically appealing. Mostly it reminds me of myself during my “coming of age” flow-y spirit days. It has a touch of oddness , of being different.  This stanza calls to me and being young and a little free spirited. Not many people “got” me. I was a little off key. Marched to the sound of my own beat. But just like everyone else I wanted others to march with me sometimes. Sometimes I needed a little help. But mostly others just didn’t understand. ” I was a key that could use a little turning” really resonated with me. That’s all I wanted. I didn’t want a horde of friends to encourage my every move. Simple someone to hug me when I cross the finish line. I didn’t want a knight and shining armor , simply wanted a strong man able to lift me off my  OWN horse and help take the armor after being too tired from fighting my own fights.  I spent most of my high school days being me, and I wouldn’t change it, not for a second. But this set of lyric really spoke to me, the longing yet still the acceptance of the way things are but still a little fight left. “call you up in the middle of the night” I was never one to play games and If I wanted something I went for it, different and all. I wasn’t scared of rejection. And i damn sure wasn’t going to twirl my hair and bat my eyelashes trying to drop  a hint i thought a boy was cute. No, no . That’s not me. I went straight up to them and asked THEM out. Feisty little thing I was LOL.

Lyric Set 2

“Promised myself I wouldn’t weep
One more promise I couldn’t keep”


This set of lyric really hits home. I know i mentioned here on my blog how I am too kind. I’m caring almost to a fault. I KNOW when people are flakes or fake. I know when they use me. Yet i let them. Time and time again. I made that promise to myself countless times to myself. I broke it every time.  I know i mentioned before my ex relationship was a bit toxic. Every time we fought, broke up ( yes that kind of relationship break up and make up every other day) I would say that’s the end, I won’t cry, I can’t fix this. I would bawl my eyes out, he would apologize we would be good for a day or two and then someone hit the repeat button.  That’s the problem with me. I”m loyal to a fault. Even when you don’t warrant my loyalty , you probably got it. I’m like that abused dog. No matter how many times you yell at it and kick it and mistreat it. It still loves you. It still tries to pleases you. With my past relationships, most of them were wrong from the start. But, I wanted to fix it. I wanted to put the effort.  All i would accomplish would to break the promise I made to myself, to not weep. What i know now, having been in a positive relationship for almost 6 years. Relationships shouldn’t need fixing. If it needs to be fixed, it’s the wrong fit. The two aren’t meant to be together. There is a difference between working together, learning together, growing together. Most importantly STANDING together when things get tough. But fix? No.  You can’t fix what wasn’t meant to be.

Lyric Set 3

“Runaway train never going back
Wrong way on a one way track”

This set of lyric reminds me SO much of myself growing up. This one jumped off the screen at me. I felt and still do feel like I need to runaway. If I wasn’t a thinker and a planner and a constant worrier I just might actually do it. Pack the hubby and my doggie and drag them on a train to an unknown destination. Start over. Start fresh. But, like i said above, I care too much. I’m loyal.  But so often I feel like I’m  going ” the wrong way on a one way track”.  I feel lost alot. I feel stuck. Mostly stuck. Like I wrote about in my last “dear journal” entry, I feel stuck. Out of options. Fed up. I know staying in this situation isn’t want I want. I want to be independent, with a decent paying job. I want to go back to school, get  a degree. I want to have my own place with my hubby and my doggie. Yet, it’s all so far away. I know i will get that… in time. But, for now? It seems everything I do is just going down the wrong way of a street.


I will be accepting two awards.  Because it seems I can never keep things simple and short, this is for one. The other will follow when I write it up. The fabulous and stunning Art of Stumbling nominated me for The Liebster Award.  That was almost two weeks ago. Sorry, I’ve been lazy. But ,  Thank you my lovely! I appreciate it very much! The other award is from the ever amazing Tilda and I look forward to writing that separate post!

The Rules are :
Answer the 11 questions
Share 11 interesting facts about yourself
Nominate 11 others
Create 11 questions to ask your nominees.

The Questions
1. Your earliest childhood memory?
I wrote a blog about this for one of those Daily Post writing challenges. You can read about it here.

2. Music playing when you made love for the first time, or associated with your first love.
Okay what’s this question asking? First time I had sex, or the first time I THOUGHT I made love but it was infatuation? Or the first time I truly made love? Because there is a very clear distinction in my mind, or at least for the experiences I have had.

Since the first two are darker things that I do not wish to remember, though I never forget no matter how much I try, I choose to write about the happy and bubbly.

The first time the hubby and I had sex…we planned it. Well, I insisted. I was living at my parents and he was living in his apartment two hours away via the ever trusty MTA. The night before I oh so seductively asked him to come over early. Right after my mother leaves for work and I will be home alone. I told him to come prepared. I was too shy to say bring a condom, so i kept saying “come prepared”.  I woke up early and showered and shaved and put on my best bra and a skin tight tank top with my boobs practically spilling out. I wore a short mini skirt that I used to wear for clubbing but since I gained weight I don’t wear it out in public anymore, only at home for the hot summer days and you can’t walk around the house naked, just half naked.  He was early. As soon as the car left my drive way , I opened the front door for him.

We go up to my room and I don’t remember how it started. We laid in bed and we talked a bit. He asked me if I was sure. I told him Yes. I remember I put on a CD that he burned for me in my stereo but I don’t remember what was actually playing. I was nervous.

We weren’t officially dating yet by the way. I mean were dating but he didn’t ask me to be his lady yet and we weren’t under the title of boyfriend and girlfriend. We have known each other for year or so and have been going out on dates for about a month I believe.

So this was the next step.
When I think of the first time we made love what I remember most is his tenderness. The perfect balance of intensity and lust, but still almost reverent to my body.
After wards, he fell asleep spooning me. I smoked a ciggy while staring at his tattoo arm sprawled across me.

I smiled because he accepted me for me, flaws and all. The cigarette smoke afterwards  sealed the deal. I wasn’t “allowed” to smoke with the previous dude.

I wrote a diss poem to the previous guy I had sex with…I just dug it up and here it is: This is circa 2007 so don’t roll your eyes at the writing style. That was advanced writing for the time lol. Spoken word poetry style.

I found out
what I’ve been missing
I was left
from that
love making
I knew
what it meant
to be
I hit
instant satisfaction
I’m not
from my experience
I was never
I’m not gunna
no names
Just know
you were
Then was spooned
With his glistening
And I smoked

3. How you feel about that person now.
The hubby? That’s my poopie head. Love him to death, and then some. The sex is still just as good too though it is not as often as he would like lol.  

4. How you feel about that music now.

I don’t remember what actually played. My guess would be Metallica. When we first met he was a big old school rocker. Actually, it’s how he won my heart. He played Nirvana , Come As You Are, for me on his guitar. While my ex( at that time he wasn’t an ex) sat next to me. Calm down, I’m not a cheater and the hubby isn’t a home wrecker. We were friends and he was honest from the start he liked me but wouldn’t push boundaries but would pounce as soon as I was available. I cold of saved myself a lot of time and heartache if I would accepted I liked him too, right after our first meeting but I denied it and denied it and buried it deep down inside. I’m loyal to a fault and think I can fix everything which is why I stayed in the ex-toxic relationship. The same day my ex relationship ended, I called the hubby( we hadn’t spoken in months because he couldn’t take the frustration of the drama that was happening with mutual friends and he just stopped talking to everyone. Shortly after the hubby disappeared from my life, I disappeared from that circle of backstabbers too and carried resentment in my heart for not having the hubby as a friend anymore). He waited a whole 24 hours before he asked me out LOL.

5. Favourite recent song
This is tough. I am so out of touch with music now-a-days. My ipod broke like two years ago. So I haven’t downloaded music since then. I guess when I steal the hubby’s ipod my go to song… Drowning Pool- Feel like I do but that’s not recent.

6. What hurts your feelings most nowadays? One example please!
Money. Lack of money. Usage of money. Fights about money. Just money stuff.

7. What you would like to do next in your life? Okay i read this question as “what would you like to do in your next life”, so that is that answer I written and am keeping cause its deep stuff.

Something…more. I know I am a great person and I inspire my friends both in real life and cyber-ly. I know I am precious the hubby and people I’ve met in hospitals and cancer centers. Yes, I am young. But I am not THAT young anymore. I wish in my next life to have a better row of things.  To finish school straight through and go off and do something more, something grander. I’m not talking about being rich and famous. I’m talking along the lines of being a helper. Peace corp? International travel to build schools? Or maybe a center locally that literally takes children in off the streets. Helps them. Reforms them. I hope in my next life I get to help people is more ways that I can and able to in this

8. Are you attracted to your own sex?

Why yes, yes I am. I love the ladies. I check chicks out. They are beautiful.  I have made out with a handful of girls in my dating history.  Ladies are sexy. When I hit a dry spell lesbian porn always does the trick ( the hubby approves). May I be blunt? The reason I never dated girls is I like the dick too much. Sorry no politically correct way to say that. Or atleast not in the mood I am in ( had  a rough  morning). I am physically and sexually attracted to my hubby, he is in no way shape or form womanly. If you look up manly, macho or any other of those rugged man descriptions in the dictionary you may find his picture there. He is such a stereotype in that way. But other men? Maybe it’s my love for the hubby but I can not and do not find other men attractive. I look at guys and say and? Or Ew. Mostly ew . But with my bestie( a lesbian) or with my hubby I’m usually the first to point out a good looking lady.  Or the covert hottie ( you know the type, it’s probably you if you like my blog. The chick who is sexy but doesn’t know it. Or doesn’t flaunt it is a better way of saying it. The book worm hidden with her hair covering her face , nose in a book. The fashion girl, who dresses oddly to everyone but the combination and colors will be next year trend but for now she is just the odd girl. Or the gym suit girl. Can’t see a curve on her but she is beautiful. I like those girls. The ones who have class. Don’t care what you think. That kind of confidence is sexy and I like that.  The hubby jokes that one day he will be packing his bags cause I dumped him for a girl and he wouldn’t even be mad because he knows I’ll pick an amazing chick and he’ll just be like “damn, can I join before I go?” . I truly believe if the hubby and I ever break up or we get taken away from each other I will no doubt give up men and seek a lady. But, my hubby is manly and I love it. I love him. I’m not repressing any feelings or denying any feelings( 97% of my friends are gay and a lot of them pressure me that I’m a lesbian in denial, I have no denial! I love the ladies. I just love my hubby more). He more than fulfills me and satisfies me.

9.What is the worst aspect of the opposite sex?

That entitled self-righteous attitude girls have. It’s predominate in the female gender. They think they are classy but really are trashy. They want to be independent but have ridiculous double standards and expectations for men to jump through. I feel bad for men most of the time and the games and drama and overall cattiness they have to put up with and I thank God every day I am not like.

10. Can pets replace people in your life?
Already have! I rarely see my friends. I miss them sure. But, I can’t go a few hours without seeing my dog. I’m perfectly happy and content to stay home and have the company of my dog.  Maybe I’m just getting old.


When i was delusion with fever a few weeks ago I was in bed and in and out of consciousness and I had no idea i taken this picture. Poor doggie.

11. Will you fall in love again?

This is going to sound corny. But I do everyday. I fall more in love every single day. I look at my hubby and my heart races. I even look at my dog and though a different kind of love I feel my heart grow everyday. I tell the hubby ( far too much to his great annoyance) that I feel so much love I think my heart will  burst. Now , If I lost the hubby? I seriously doubt I will find love like this again. I’m sure I would find a different kind of love but I just believe we get ONE great love.  One. We may love many times before or even many times after but never will it be that ONE great love. The hubby is my great one.

11 Interesting Facts About Myself
Okay now, I have to present you with eleven interesting facts about myself. Some will be secrets.

1) I’ve been every size in the book. And always had the same perception of myself.

2) I’m always told how strong I am, and I know I am. But, inside I’m terrified. I have no clue what I’m doing. I just do it and hope i don’t screw it up or kill anyone I look after in the process.

3)I’m always insecure and think about what other people would think of me. I just decide that i like my opinion more and don’t let it hinder my life or halt me from trying.

4)I only had a pedicure once in my life. I do my toes myself because I’m insecure about my feet and I have a special toe. The nail is funky. Not gross or anything. Just, well it’s special. I don’t want the pedicurist to hurt my feet.

5) I’m hairy. My hair (body hair) grows so damn fast. I love winter because I don’t have to shave every damn day.

6)If I’m honest, I’m embarrassed( a little bit) to be working retail. The girl who was anti-capitalism, protesting everyday is now working in the ultimate consumer franchise.

7) I resent others. I don’t wish them unwell. I just resent them.

8) I bottle up my emotions because of my life circumstance. I don’t like to do it. I advise against it. But i do it because I don’t have the liberty to be upset, especially say like my fiance having cancer. Cancer trumps any tantrum in my book. P.s. he tells me to have my emotions and be upset if I am upset  but how can you truly let go and having your whine and mope around for an hour or two when you are always on demand?

9) I smoke. Alot. Remember my resolutions? Quit smoking was one of them. I haven’t made a dent in that resolution yet. Sometimes i go half a day without smoking and go to sleep feeling good about it. Then in the morning i wake up and before i know it i chain smoked all morning. The honest truth? I LIKE to smoke. I hate it but, i like it too.

10)I have been in a funk for the past several months. I don’t have or feel motivation to do much of anything. I just want to work, blog and read. Sleep would be nice too.  I haven’t organized paperwork. Or did a real cleaning in months. Just the quick cleaning. But move everything to dust and scrub cleaning? Yeah that hasn’t happened.

11)I’m growing my hair out and i tell everyone it’s so i can donate it. I am going to. Like i did last year. But most of that decision is i refuse to pay for  a haircut… it’s severely over priced.

I don’t  even know who to nominate. SO I’m bending the rules a bit. Call the blogging police if you like, i don’t care. I just want to reach all my followers.  If you would like this award, go ahead and do the steps. You can use the same 11 questions I did for your answers because these were swell questions. And I have another one of these to do so I’m far to lazy to sit and think about 11 more questions. Half of us follow the same people and have the same awards and we nominate each other back and forth. Which is awesome, I love it. But, for those following my blog that i may over look and do not have this award and would like this award. Go ahead. It’s yours. Just answer the 11 questions and share 11 facts about yourself. Happy blogging everyone!

One of the side effects of working retail with a crappy immune system, I’m sick. Again. When I’m sick I’m terribly sentimental. I just want to lay in bed and read and cuddle and be babied. But, life doesn’t always allow that leisure.

But, I have a hubby who does.

He worked hard to take care of himself the past couple of days  so i can stay in bed as much as possible so I can be a little bit better for work. He even walked Bianca for me in the morning so I could stay in my medicine induced sleep coma.

Poor guy has been living off Mac and Cheese.

But, I do feel just sick and not nearly dying sick so i think I can manage to go to work tomorrow.

And I have read 3 books.


If I Stay By Galye Forman

This is what i wrote about it on my goodreads review
“Just finished reading “If I Stay” By Gayle Forman… what a tough book. Finished it in only a few hours. I love this books so much because it captures that transition of being rebellious and free spirited to being an adult . It captures that raw passion with music and creativity. Most importantly the struggle of love…and loss.”

But, I have more to say. The story is about Mia, a teenager musician. A classical musician( cellist ). Through a series of flashbacks we are acquainted with her family. Parents of  the rock era, matured and conformed for adult hood and to be good parents. But still, that rebellious free nature attitude is deeply entwined in the fabric of their lives. Music is what binds this family and music is what twines the words together on the page.

The book starts with a tragedy. A car crash. The book is told through Mia’s spiritual self, helplessly standing by her body while she tries to figure out what she should do. Return to her comatose body with her condition unknown and unsure of what damage was done. Return as an orphan but with the man she loves and grandparents still there . Or does she let go and reunite with her recently deceased family. Granted it wasn’t the best book ever written and the plot was thin at best. But, it pulls at your heart strings. As a  hopeless romantic, I loved this book. The pages turned fast and I was enthralled with the story. With love.

When it ended, I was amazed.

I jumped right into the next book.

Where She Went ( Book 2) by Gayle Forman

Where She Went ruined the beauty of  If I stay. It ruined it all in my eyes. I wish i never read it.  What was an epic love story, turned into bitter pointless angst. What was a very plausible story line, pulling at my heart strings cause of the very real possibility of it happening, was just erased.

Where She Went , Adam ( the boyfriend) succeeds in being a rock star. Mia succeeds in becoming  a cellist. The book is three years after If I Stay ended. And it’s pure emo angst from Adam’s perspective. I hated Mia. I was annoyed with Adam.  It ruined the epic love story. It ruined the difficult choices in If I Stay.

The “happy ending’ was mundane and cheesy and a waste of time.

I should of stayed with the first book.

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

The Fault In Our Stars is told from Hazel’s perspective. We follow her trying to “live today” with her terminal Cancer and all the limitations that entails. We explore uncertainties and loss. But most importantly, wishes and love.

The Fault In Our Stars was a great novel. It presents you a very real perspective and dynamic. The only reason I didn’t bawl like a baby at the end of the book was because I knew it was happening…and I was pissed. I wanted the happy ever after. I wanted the character to live. I was furious.

And that’s the point.

Life isn’t fair. Pain isn’t nice. Cancer certainly isn’t kind or timely. Some times we don’t get a happy ever after. We only get a happy right now. This story was honest. Was true. For that, I appreciate it even more.

My good reads blurb:
“That Fault in Our Stars was a brutally honest read. I liked the book for it’s very real and raw look on terminal illness. It seems everyone has a love or hate relationship with this book. I just want to say, it may not be the authors place to depict the world of childhood terminal illness. But it’s a very real world crafted flawlessly throughout this book and we owe it to those living this in real life to read it. I read this novel in a few short hours because of the relatively, how accurate the scenarios were. Some complain there is no happy ending. Well, that’s the point of this book. A small slice of infinity is all we can ask for, more than most get. Great book.”