I was almost taken out by an elevator.

My shift was over at 5pm. I lingered about my area to finish folding a pile and catch up with my favorite co-worker who i only get to see once a week for an hour( on Sundays). So it was 510 515ish when I was strolling off the floor. I stopped by the elevator but detoured to fill up my water bottle, sucking every last-minute I can out of my shift.

The elevator dinged opened, a co worker walked out and i said Ooo and side-stepped inside the elevator.

I pressed the button for the third floor ( I was on the first) and take out my phone to start texting the hubby. I hear the click past the second floor and held my breath that it was going to skip the floor and i watched the little counter change to three and I sighed ,happy,  I didn’t have to share an elevator. Then the elevator jumped. It always kind of jerks to a stop but then nothing happened. The door didn’t open. So i pressed the door open button. Nothing.

I look at the counter and now it read the 2nd floor.

What the hell? I put my phone away and try to figure out whats happenings.

So i press 3 again and then the little floor counter flat lined.

I’m serious there was no number just a line that looked like this —-

And then the elevator dropped.

Then all the lights on the floor counter panel went out and I hear the elevator click and clacking and then the numbers on the counter were just jumping trying to change to two and then going back to a flat line. So I pressed call cancel on the panel and just started pressing one and door open.

Nothing happens.

I wait a minute and the elevator is just at a stand still. The floor counter was flat lined.

Sighing I take out my phone again and try to call my store’s operator. At first no reception. SO i redial and get through.

“Yeah, I’m stuck in the elevator”
“Which floor?”
” I got on the first, I think it’s stuck between the first and second and it’s the elevator closest to the water fountain”
“Ok we”ll call security”

I wasn’t scared because this is not the first time the elevator has crapped out.
But then the lights went out

Then i hear people calling my name.


“Yes yes I’m fine put the lights back on though!”

Turned out security tried to reboot the elevators so turned the power off then turned it back on but that didn’t work.

SO I hear the security guy trying to pry open the doors. The doors would jiggle a little but wouldn’t budge.

I laughed.

He wasn’t strong enough to pry open the doors, and now these are big guys, big strong guys.

So i started texting. I texted my co-worker  like I’m stuck in the elevator. I texted the hubby and he asked are you still on the clock??

Luckily I was.

So I listen to security and HR and they decided to call the fire department

“Hold on Tasha! The fire department is coming!”

I couldn’t help it , I laughed again.

So i was texting my co worker and my hubby while just chilling in the elevator.

When I hear the sirens.

Oh good a rescue I thought

“Ma’am are you alright?! ” a manly gruff voice asks me.

“Yeah i’m good!”

And then for the next ten minutes I hear the firemen asking each other questions ” where’s this? where’s that?”

At one point they asked me to close the doors.
“The doors are closed”

Picture my what the fuck face.

I texted my co-worker ” I don’t think these firemen are that bright”

She went to investigate and responded to me “Oh God they are unscrewing shit”

Then i hear banging.

Lots and lots of banging.

And this was the only time i got a little bit worried because the banging was coming from ABOVE. I see light from a flash light peeking through the vent.

I thought they were trying to do some TV show rescue shit, like “give me your hand?! I’ll put you through a hatch!”

Nah uh boo boo, I’m plus size that shit is not going to work.

And I’ve been in the elevator for about 30 mins by now. I text my co-worker ” Customers get rescued so much faster”.

Finally, about 15 minutes later,  i hear  the doors squeak and slowly, ( and i mean slowly) it’s pried open.

I start forward and start to gush “THANK YOU!”  when I’m halted by a team of firemen. One of them standing slightly with his knees bent and spread as if he’s bracing himself extended his hand and screamed “GIVE ME YOUR HAND!”

The elevator was a little off-center , about 3 inches below the floor so it was a little step up but seriously, it’s a little step.

Another fire men is screaming ” ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!”

I wont lie I was taken aback being bum rushed by all these firemen. I grabbed the guys hand like “Uh I’m fine” and I wanted nothing more to rush away from these men screaming in my face. One of them stops me ” Do you need a paramedic? DO YOU WANT TO GO TO THE HOSPITAL”

“What ? No.”

Then I was bum-rushed by the HR lady. She gave me a hug and was like omg are you okay omg you need water.

Folks. I was so confused. It wasn’t a skyscraper building. It’s three floors total. I was in the elevator for almost an hour but I was chit chatting with them periodically, I could hear them crystal clear and I was texting my co-worker who was standing right there. I was smiling and happy and walking out the elevator not passed out on the floor.

So i kind of high tailed it over my favorite store security guy like what. the. fuck.  He laughs. He asked me laughingly if I’m alright. I was like yeah, I was texting the whole time. He was like just chilling in there? I was like” yup and got paid for it!”. I did tell him he was lucky it was me and not a customer because of how the elevator dropped and I asked him if I needed to fill out a report. He said I was good to go and so that’s what I did.

Went upstairs and it took me a full ten minutes because  every associate was stopping me omg are you okay!

When I see my supervisor who just happened to be off on lunch break during the whole ideal i did scare him a  bit. I was like ” hey mister supervisor! Don’t  you listen to your radio?! Your prize associate almost died in the elevator I was stuck in there for an hour!!”


Overall, I wasn’t scared.  That elevator craps out all the time, firemen where there. The air was still on. I had cell service. I could hear everything going on. The lights where on. So i wasn’t scared.
The only time I got scared was afterwards by the onslaught of my rescue team. I felt a little bad afterwards for not properly thanking everyone. I did say a big thank you when I was first walking out the elevator but usually I would give a little speech but it was all a little ridiculous and extravagant. It’s been a few days and I’m still chuckling over the fire men. “GRAB MY HAND”  lol.


I feel like I was in epic action movie with the rescue squad I had.

Don’t get me wrong, I love and appreciate everyone for their concern and for the rescue. But one thing is for sure, I sure know how to make an exit . ..

Your teacher lied to you.

This post goes out to all the young ones. The ones in transition from being a young person to an adult. Or transitioning from school to the work force.

Don’t get me wrong. I love teachers. I’m still good friends with several teachers from my educational career. I love teachers and what they do to nature our minds and spirits.

But, they also lied about several things.  Here are two of my biggies.

1) Math

Oh how i hated math growing up. My math teacher always insisted we would use math skills in our future careers.  Besides the basic rudimentary addition and subtraction, sometimes division and sometimes percentages , in everyday real world life you will never use these math skills. Of course these are exempt for mathematical fields and scientific fields like engineering, architectural design or duh accounting fields. But if you are an everyday joe or jane working a cubicle job or retail job or a sales or customer service job… yeah you will never need nor use the math we learned and spent countless hours stressing over. I have yet to use quadratic equations or had to solve for x  for anything in my life. So yeah pass your class but if your passion isn’t a field specifying  an emphasis on mathematics, then don’t kill yourself. Half of whats in your math textbook you will never see again.

2) There is no such thing as a stupid question.

I remember each and every teacher I had opened their first day of class with that sentiment. I’m here to tell you that they are wrong and yes there is. There are far to many stupid questions. Folks, I work retail. I can assure you there are stupid questions. One thing teachers got right was to think before you speak. So please, if you have a question think before you ask it. Try to use your common sense. If you don’t yes everyone will judge you for asking a stupid question.

I’m sure there are more things schools taught us that were useless lies. But I’ll leave you with these two big pet peeves of mine.

How about your experience? What would you put on your list of things school lied about?

Frozen , Adult Version Parody

Sometimes in life things just pile up. For a while now, a long while now… I’ve been in the denial/ ignorance is bliss mindset. Out of sight, out of mind. I’ve let things pile up and up and up.

You see, when I was 22 and shit first hit the fan with my dad getting sick and becoming his primary care taker and not continuing on with school to stay home and help out… I was thrust into the adult role. I was the calm rational one. Shortly after the hubby fell ill with his Brain Cancer. And it’s been a ping pong back and forth and back and forth.

But you know what, it was always immediate action. It’s like the forms you fill out at the doctor’s office or on a job application. Just a check off a little box if it applies. That’s what it was like running the household and being a caretaker, everything was immediate and instant. Someone was sick. Get them help. Have a symptom, get it treated. Keep them alive, right now. Set up appointments/treatments, get them there.  Check Check Check. Everything was clear and concise.

It was all very precise in a weird way.

When i started working, it was out of desperation. I needed some money to buy basic everyday things. With my dad medically retiring and my hubby out on disability there wasn’t much money coming in. And my dad and hubby were well enough to be able to not die for a several hours while I was away at work.

So that was me, the calm and rational one. I got things done. I took care of everyone and everything.

I realized i had no end game. I had no plan. And I’ve let myself become stuck in the everyday continuous monotony of life.

I’m no longer calm and rational.

And I realized it’s because i don’t have the immediate intensity pressuring me anymore. Sure, alot is still on my shoulders. I still take care of my dad and my hubby. But, there are no longer ( knocks on wood , don’t want to jinx anything) in immediate danger of dying.

So we reached the long-term state of things and I haven’t the slightest fucking clue of what to do. For them. For myself.

And my job. My lovely fucking job. Maybe it was the people, or maybe it’s just I’m so caring. No really, not sarcastic. I care. It’s my greatest flaw. I care about those fucks in that store even though I don’t want too. And being in my own “department” it invoked this sense of pride and territorial possessiveness. But all of that, I was content. I liked my job.

I fell complacent in that role.

But recently, hours cuts, favoritism running rampant in the store and just bullshit politics I’ve had enough.

So my bubble of bliss and ignorance burst.
And I said

FUCK IT all, like the song says.


I actually called out of work one day. Me. Never late, never missed a day. I called out. With the hubby and his insurance issues and his health and the government trying to turn of his disability… I hate to walk into that store and have petty work politics stressing me out. It all just resonated within me and finally my bubble of bliss burst.

The last connection I hate to that store has been severed.

I let it go. The emotional connection I used to have. It’s gone.

It’s all gone.


I let it go.

Now, I’m left with this emptiness, this uncertainty of what the fuck am I doing with my life. What do i want to do. What will make me happy?

I have no clue.

But I’m no longer being complacent about it. I’m not walking around in a bubble anymore.

I now opened up opportunities for myself t be proactive.

We only get one life. We have to make it matter.


Fuck it all.

Be happy.

This goes against all girl code but I have to admit. I feel bad for Ray Rice.

Now now before everyone gets their panties in a knot let me explain.

Back in Feb when we first heard about this incident, all we saw and all we knew was him dragging her out of an elevator. We didn’t know the back story. We didn’t know what they were fighting over.  All we knew was they walked into the elevator and than he walked out dragging her.

Which that alone is horrid in itself.

But, I’m from New York. I see day in and day out girls acting tough because they hide behind that security blanket, they hide behind the fact society deems it incorrigible to put hands on a female in any and all cases.

But, i grew up with street views. Where I’m from, if you’re talking smack, man women or child, then be prepared to have smack talked back at you. Same goes with physical stuff. If you are putting hands on someone even if it’s not actually punches but pushing or mushing a guy’s face , be prepared to get hands put on you back.   If you can dish it out, then be prepared to have it served back to you. There is no medieval chivalry code   of conduct.

I’ve seen countless girls all in a guy’s face, screaming, hand movements, slapping and mushing and saying ” i wish you would put your hands on me!” and the guys usually stand there and take it.

But everyone has a breaking  point. There is only so much poking a lion will take before it bites your hand off.

I’m not saying it’s right  but it’s true. That’s the core problem. How are we raising our young or maturing ourselves into adults without growing up to be civil and peaceful? No one is teaching , no one is leading. We have a behavioral problem that goes deep into our very fibers.

We don’t know these people other than he is a famous NFL player. We don’t know how they act in the privacy of their mansion. For all we know day in and day out his wife is rowdy and confrontational.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t believe in violence. I’m not saying she was asking for it. I’m just saying we don’t know how these two people act when off of camera. They could both very well have a behavioral problem.

With all this domestic violence talk , it’s that segregation of man hitting woman which annoys me. It should be a person hitting a person. If you get in someones face regardless of your gender, then expect the person to get in your face right back.

Ray Rice did wrong. We all know that. He didn’t have to knock her out cold. He had many other options, even if he had reached a breaking point of provocation. He could have shoved her. He could have hit the wall. He cold of done a million other things.  His actions are his actions and that’s on him. Only him and his wife know to what extent and how deep this problem runs. That’s another thing though  about this whole situation. Everyone is calling him an abuser and her a victim but why has NO ONE reached out to Janay? Why has no one tried to intervene? So either the world believes this is a couple of suffering from domestic violence and doesn’t give a shit about the people/victim to actually do something tangible like HELP or it’s just fluff for ratings.

And this is the reason I feel bad for Ray Rice. Where was the media coverage of
1) Rae Carruth   a wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers in 2001. He conspired to have his pregnant girlfriend killed. The girl died, the baby survived with permanent and severe brain damage. He was found guilty and expected to be released in 2018.

2)Terrell Suggs linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens,  was arrested for punching his long time girlfriend in the neck, then dragging her along a speeding car  while two children where inside the car.  All that happened due to this was arrest was he was forced to give up his gun collection. He is playing tonight against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

3)Brandon Marshall , just google his rap sheet… though he was mentally ill and was diagnosed as bi-polar and is receiving proper care and medication and is now campaigning for mental health and domestic violence. He plays this Sunday against the 49ners.

4) Ray McDonald   defensive tackle for 49ers , was arrested for a domestic dispute with his wife. This happened recently after Ray Rice, after the new adopted penalties rulings for domestic violence charges. He’s still in custody but the NFL has not ruled on his standing. Under the new ruling he should be suspended 6 games.

Everyone was saying Ray Rice is a strong football player, he should never have attempted to hit a woman knowing his strength. Which is true . What about Professional fighters? These two were trained lethal weapons. Their job is to knock people out. Where was the media coverage and outrage over these two?

5) War Machine aka Jon Koppenhaver former UFC contender was arrested for brutally assaulting his girlfriend who was  left with 18 broken bones, hair sawed off , broken teeth , broken nose and bruises all over.

6) Thiago Silva  former UFC fighter who was arrested for two accounts of attempted murder , after his wife separated from him and filing for a protection order against after he put a gun in her mouth and threatened to kill her.

So that’s why I feel bad for Ray Rice. He was caught on video. The video went viral. But domestic violence happens and is rarely caught on camera.  It’s usually behind closed doors. It doesn’t mean it’s not happening. It’s doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem in today’s society. Just because we don’t have pictures and videos of it that doesn’t mean it’s not even more horrid then a one punch knock out.  So I feel bad for the guy. What he did was wrong but for some reason he is this new poster person , but not for domestic violence itself but  the media and NFL and how to penalize its players.

My point is domestic violence is a real thing. I hate the gender-ism though. With ESPN and news channels not once have I heard about men victims. It’s a real thing. It’s out there. Men are victimized daily. It’s not a gender thing.  Plus, is it fair that women can get away with yelling, shoving, mushing and slapping of a guy and a guy is supposed to just sit there and take it? It’s not fair. Women need to learn how to act right just as much as men do.

And NOW , the national organization for women wants the NFL commissioner fired. Excuse me feminists… but the police let Ray Rice go. It’s not the league’s job to do policing. Other players when arrested the league effectively passed their penalty after the police has made their ruling. Aaron Hernandez was erased from NFL  when he was arrested, rightly so. The cops let Ray Rice go with anger management classes. The league thought that was the end. I don’t blame the league at all. It’s the judicial system that’s messed up. NOW should be going after the people who handled the case and why he was let off with a slap on the wrist.

But what truly annoys me about this whole situation. What about the real victims. I’m not saying that Janay  isn’t a victim. I’m saying how do we as a society help people daily and how to do we do something real to effect change in the future, to prevent others from becoming victims. To do something about the rampant violence in today’s society. Nothing is actually being done. All this publicity isn’t actually raising any kind of awareness or real questions or real problem solving ideas. It’s just media running wild with ratings.

Not once have I seen an 800 number on the screen. Not one announcer has spoken out “if you or you know someone or suspect someone of suffering domestic abuse please contact…” There has been no charity supported or announced. There has been no awareness announced on air. No message of where people can go to get help.

Domestic violence is a very real thing. But before you jump on a bandwagon make sure you know the whole story.

We have a humanity problem in today’s world. People lack common sense and decency. Empathy and compassion are being replaced by greed and violence.

I just ask everyone remember the real problem. Treat others how you want to be treated. Never hide behind preconceived social norms. Man or woman it’s about acting like a decent human being.

Man, the older I get the more out of whack I feel. I swear my hormones are going crazy. Not to be all TMI but, i used to get my female time of the month , no sweat. No problem. Now? I start getting hormonal a week and a half before.

Yesterday my ovaries went all feminist on me. All day long they were screaming I am woman here me roar. Look really, they were. I swear that’s a picture of my ovaries from last night.

roaring lion, roar , lion, angry, hormones


And I’m just like :

Seriously, it’s not that serious body. Do your thing once a month for 5-7 days and then I’ll go about my business. Honestly, I don’t complain when it’s my time of the month. I don’t mind paying my dues. It’s mother’s natures gift to me , telling me I’m not knocked up. So thank you, I accept my gift graciously.

What i don’t need like, is sitting down feeling like Freddy Kruger is trying to escape from inside me and bawling my eyes out watching an episode of House a full week before I even have my Aunt Flow.


If you need me, I’ll be off to the store to buy ice cream.

Five Things That Annoy Me In Working Retail

1) Everything ( in a clothing retail store) has it’s own unique skew number. Granted some brands the skew number is the same for the same shirt in all sizes. But most brands, different colors, even if the same price, have different skew numbers. In my department, every style of jean, every size of jeans even if the same style  has a unique number. So I cannot simply just scan any ol’ jean. It’s for inventory reasons as well, how else can we keep track of what needs to be ordered/what is selling? I have to walk away from the register and line behind you to go retrieve a twin of the item you are trying to purchase. In my store, we don’t put items out on the floor without proper ticketing and when cleaning we remove any items without a ticket. But, we cannot help that customers rip off tickets all day long when trying things on or when stealing. Yes, stealing. Customers steal everyday in my store. Some customers just feel if they rip the tag off we will give it away for free or scan something less in value. Um. No. It doesn’t work that way.

2) So, you want that shirt that’s on the mannequin? Doesn’t matter that shirt doesn’t have tickets/pricing on it. Doesn’t matter its chock full of pins and needles to mold it to the mannequin. Doesn’t matter that mannequin in on top of table surrounded by neatly folded piles of clothes. Doesn’t matter it’s the middle of a sale day and I’m the only one on the floor in between line busting. No, you just want me to scale tables, wrestling with a 40 pound full body mannequin so you can have the 8 dollar tee shirt. Seriously, the shirt is not that cool. In my store, what the mannequins wear aren’t arbitrary either. We have a visual guide. Specifics items are chosen by corporate to showcase. So each morning, instead of having extra hands to put out merchandise and fill in, several people have to go through all three floors and check that each mannequin are wearing the proper clothing.

mannequins, retail, retail work


3)Part of my job is greeting customers as they enter my area. For the most part, that’s easy and I don’t mind. What annoys me, because I’m being courteous to you doesn’t give you the right to unload about every bad shopping experience you’ve ever had. Maybe you should save your money and not buy clothes and spend that money on a shrink instead.


customer service, customers, retail, work


4) Like I said it’s my job to greet customers. It’s also my job to customer assist them. I don’t mind, really, I don’t. In fact I prefer it. Instead of having you put your paws all over everything and messing everything up I much rather retrieve it neatly and quickly myself. So, when I walk over to you and ask you if you need help it’s really me asking you if you need help. I am not flirting with you or hitting on you. I work in the men’s department. Men’s Levis Jeans. So most of my customers are male. Insecure ladies, i can really do without your dirty looks. I don’t want your man. I’m just doing my job. And I’m not stalking you cause I think your stealing. If I think your stealing I ignore you and call security who would watch you on cameras. So people of the world, you really are not that interesting…get over yourself.

5)Our store policy for coupon use..sigh. It’s supposed to be one coupon per transaction. Technically if you want to get off the line and get back on you can do that countless times. Your coupon is supposed to be surrender at time of use. We do not have the coupon in store and we’re not supposed to keep them by the resisters. It is supposed to be presented by the customer. We’re told not to write it down or memorize the code. Yet, we’re also told if they ask for a coupon, but they don’t have one, scan it for them. What am I scanning exactly? We’re not keeping them around the registers or memorizing the coupon. We’re told not to use it for every customer but tell the customer about the coupon for the day and to just take care of the customer. What customer isn’t going to ask for a coupon if we have one? Then we get in trouble for over usage of the coupon.

So that’s just a few things that irk me daily at work. There is tons more. Maybe I’ll start a series out of this…

What about you all? What annoys you at your job?

Oops, I disappeared again.

I have been peeking in and out of WordPress browsing through my reader, but I’m terribly behind on everyone’s posts.

I hope everyone has been well.

It’s back to school season so I’ve been busy at work. I have been getting extra hours which is nice but I’m not really seeing any of the extra money. I’m finally buying things I needed like new work clothes /work pants. Next paycheck I’m aiming for a new phone. I have had my phone for over five years and it doesn’t even make regular phones calls. I have a family plan with my mother and she does not want to extend the contract so I have been stuck with my phone for years. So, I’m planning on finally getting my own contract and upgrade my phone. It’s taking me so long to do this because I have had my phone number since I was 14. True, i don’t call/text that many people but I’m attached to my phone number. Going to the a new carrier that i can afford to pay on my own and they don’t buy out numbers. So I will have to get a new number all together. But, it’s time. So my next pay check hopefully i get that out of the way.

Otherwise, life has been the same. Same stuff, different day. I have been spending time with the hubby when not at work. Football season is upon us so we decided to compromise and spend as much time doing things together before football takes over. SO i haven’t been on the computer much or reading much. But, that’s okay. Working extra has been tiring and it’s great to come home and spend quality time with my boo.

And can i just say True Blood is almost over?!! What!!! I was okay when the book series was over because I had the show to fall back on. But now, with the series coming to an end too, I just don’t know what to do with myself! It’s Harry Potter all over again.  I’ve been a fan of the books for years and have followed the TV series since it began and now … sigh. I guess I’ll just have to be “true to the end” .


I’m becoming a leopard.

I caught a rash from work back in the winter time. It started on my arms, where i have the most contact with the counter and shelves. And because I’m an idiot, i scratched the shit out of it and it spread.  It was on both my arms and spread to my shins ( i don’t know how i wear dress pants at work, my guess is when I’m home I sit hugging my legs alot. )

All of it is mostly gone by now except a patch on one of my shins. It gets better and is almost gone but then I shave my fur off and it gets irritated and comes back.

But then I noticed on my arm, right by the veins where a doctor would draw blood, I was having color spots. I didn’t think much of it. It’s summer in NYC and I thought maybe it was just my skin’s reaction to unwanted sun blare while waiting for the bus. But then the spots started becoming really distinct. So I showed the hubby and asked him if I should be worried.

He then informed me I have the same spots on my back.

I was like a dog trying to chase it tails. I was turning around trying to see my back before common sense kicked and ran to the mirror.

Sure enough, I had spots all over my back.

Oddly, that calmed my skin worries down a bit. I figured it was a heat related rash of some sort. The spots on back were mostly where the bra strap covers.

Since it’s hot as hell at work, the AC doesn’t work on my floor, i get pretty hot when working.

And I wear 3 quarter length shirts to work a lot. I would wear long sleeves if I could. Working retail has made me a bit of a germophobe. But, it’s too hot for long sleeves. But, alot of the shirts I wear for work the sleeves end right about where the spots are. So , i figured it was maybe irritation from the heat and friction from the clothes.

But, this week at work  I strictly wore  short sleeves and I was hoping to see the spot clear up a bit.

It got worse.

I asked the hubby in that baby voice if he would still love me if   was covered from head to toe in these spots. I always had flawless skin and these spots have been making me feel a little iffy about my appearance.

He responded (and this is why I love him)

“Of course baby, your turning into a leopard and I will love you as a leopard. “

My world instantly exploded. I can’t help it, I love animal print, leopard being my favorite.

Now, i look at my spots on my arm and say in a smooth silky voice “I’m a leapordddddd”

Sometimes, perspective is everything.

I haven’t a clue of what to post. So, fair warning, this is a random post.

So, work has been heating up. My department, is technically no longer a department. However, 3 of the original team remains and we run and maintain it like a department. This means, there is one person at a time in Levi’s.  It sounds like it’s efficient right? Well, hardly. Two of us are doing the work a 8 person team could barely maintain. ( One person works closing so there is no real work getting done, just orderliness which is a big thing, not to be degraded)  Any day, at any given time, you can find me trying to redo a section, fill in, restock, size, re fold, fix the floor plan, manage the back stock/stock room. Alongside maintaining the fitting room, emptying it out, putting away the clothing customers leave tossed all over the floor. But, customers first. I greet and assist every customer.  It doesn’t end there. I help the neighboring section and have to help line bust/cashier and I have to help cover their lunches and breaks. Yet, when I go on lunch or break or cover for them my area is unattended and it makes for a bigger mess and more hassle when I return. Most days I dread to even take a lunch  break.  Majority of the store also has their own replenishment team. That team takes the stock out of the stock room, off the trucks, and puts it out on the floor. They don’t do that for Levi’s. I do it of course.

customer service, retail, stock


So just combine all of that together and that is my work day. It’s alot of work and I”m always running around like a chicken with its head cut off while the rest of the store are walking around all la de fucking da folding the same shirt for ten minutes.

Plus, the store is getting pretty busy with the holidays ( mothers day and fathers day and summer shopping). Kids are almost done with school and going on summer break. So that’s an added stress. Some school kids tagged up my fitting room. In big bright red spray paint.

Most days, I don’t mind. I love my department that isn’t really a department anymore. I love that Levi’s jean is MY area. When things are good, I can tell you where that one jean, the last size left, is and retrieve it for you in under 30 seconds. When i get new markdowns, i often don’t even need the invoice i can just lap the floor and grab the items on the list and price them. I love being in charge of everything and I love people come to me for everything. I love the independence and I love the compliments. I even love my regular customers, even the wacky ones.

I get a customer that comes in ever two months or so. He likes to buy 501 , any color, any size.  The catch? They cannot be made in Egypt or any middle eastern country. Why? Because he’s from there and he sells them for double, triple the price.

How do you tell where they are made? The little white tag inside the jeans. Yeah, I was not sitting there emptying my shelves reading little tags for this guy in the middle of a work day. Sometimes when I get a new shipment, tags are often sticking out when fresh off the truck so i skim through them and if i notice the country of origin is different I may place it aside and keep a special pile in the back stock of the shelves. But, that doesn’t last long, piles get messed up daily

I get a lady that wants black 501 jeans size 38 waist and 36 length. But she wants it with a black Levi’s logo leather patch ( opposed to the regular tan color).  Levi’s typically only have the black patch when its a special edition or if there are two similar models for the same style. I cannot custom make the jeans.

I got a new visual display. Some random model in a decked out in Levis gear, a demin jacket and distressed jeans. I noticed the picture display right away and immediately complained. We do not sell those items in the picture and I knew customers would ask me for those  items.  Not much we can do about it though so I was left with customers whining for those items all day.

Overall, work is very fulfilling for me. Everyday is an adventure. I like being relied upon and looked to for assistance and help.

Because of the whole Levi’s not being a department debacle I work almost exclusively morning/opening shifts. I work one day, not quite  a closing shift, a late mid shift where I get out at 8 or 830 or so.

They just need to have me there to get the work done. I did get an increase in hours, bout 30 hours a week. My supervisor is trying to push for me to be full time.


Alot of working retail is simply politics and poor management. My store, specifically, has people that work there for years and years. However, the word work is used liberally. So many people put in limited availability and the store honors it.  The store needs to clean house. If you are not pulling your weight , it’s not fair to others. I would say a good 70% of the store bullshit most of of their shift and the rest of the 30% work twice, three times as hard. You have so many people that work there and no one when you need them most. Some mornings I open, its literally one person per quad. That’s three people. Then at closing you have 6 or 7 people for each quad? It makes no damn sense.  For fucks sake, on fathers day? I had to ask to work. Why in the world would i, an associate in the men’s department, have to ASK to work for fathers day?  That is a day where every associate you have should be scheduled to work and to work extra. They didn’t even schedule a MEN’S supervisor for the closing shift. If that’s not whacked, I don’t know what is.

Anywho, that’s my ramble. Oh and some stroke of luck. My mother haggled her insurance and they said they can keep me on until the end of the billing cycle which is January! So, I have health insurance for now. I’m free to be sick. Yay!