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It’s ironic.  I actually wasn’t famailar with this word. Upon reading the defination it was like a light bulb went off.

This is the problem I’m having with my current job. They’re pensnickety.

They demand attention to detail, often emphasising minor and trivial aspects.
They’re fussy.

I’ve been looking to explain my frustration with my job and could never find an adequate word to describe it.

For those that don’t know, I work in a day service program for individual with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. We teach life skills and guide outings.

Now, I love my job. I left my retail job for this job. But, the company keeps making changes and changes.  They mean well. But, in the end all they are accomplishing is putting stress and strain on staff.

Instead of focusing on clients and their goals, they are micro managing everything else from who’s in our groups, paperwork, to when and where we do what. For a day service program, the best days with real learning experience happens unplanned. Like real life, we go out and experience the world. We learn and experience things that occur from purchasing items, finding a restroom to how to handle the crazy lady on the train. I can’t plan that. We just have to go out and see what happens. Of course, I don’t rely on happenstance. I address behaviors as they occur and I present topics and I do various work sheets (like having a class)  every morning. I do my job and do it well.

But the company being Persnickety is ruining it.

They’re certain things you can micromanage.  Then, they’re things you just have to naturally let unfold.

With my type of work, putting limits and restrictions and nit picking minor details only defers from providing the absolute  best services.

In the end, it isn’t how the company looks on paper. It’s about our clients, and if they are learning, maturing and being happy.

*This was written  using Linda’s Just Jot It January Blog Challenge. Find the rules and prompts here and feel free to join in! This is a blogging challenge to encourage not only posting everyday, but also interacting and exchanging with all the participants.

  1. Deb says:

    This is definitely my word of the day. I hate micromanaging bosses!

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  2. Hey my friend! Would you please vote on my story in my last post?:)

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  3. morgaine620 says:

    Hi there, I hope your work life gets better and your bosses develop some common sense. That seems to be the missing component of most bosses nowadays in my opinion :-). Great post!

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  4. LindaGHill says:

    You would expect the whole point of a life-skills program is to teach the clients what to do when the unexpected happens. I know that’s what I go for every time I take my special-needs kids out. I feel your frustration. :/
    Anyway, Happy New Year! I hope the people you work for come to their senses.
    P.S. I’m copying your link to my daily (Jan. 1st) post. Just a reminder – if the Jan. 2nd post exists when you publish yours tomorrow, please link to it rather than the Rules post. Thanks!

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  5. Think of it as they are micromanaging the clients. Hope you feel better about the system soon.

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  6. You have a challenging, interesting , and meaningful job! Hope the system will get better in the new year ☺️ Happy New Year! And all the best! ☺️

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